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The secret footballer

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Ive had a read of the 1st(i think it was the 1st) book. It was a while ago, and for as good an insight it was, i found whoever it is thats written them to come across as a bit of a knob.


Cant remember exactly why i get that feeling but it remains. I think it was something along the lines of the fans are clueless and being quite dismissive of us. Dont get me wrong some fans are complete tools but i reckon a fair few have a good view on the game and share good analysis.


If you watch football for as long, and as much as possible, as a fair few do you'll get a decent understanding of whats right and whats not. On top of there are those who will have played at a decent non-league level.


His argument, i think, was along the lines of fans should keep quiet and pay there money as they have no idea of what we do. Might be wrong though, its been a while like i said.

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I've read it's a few different players a ghost writer has put together to make it sound like it's one player. That's what makes me question wether or not to bother with it. 


Just wondering weather to go for just the first book or dive in feet first and go for the box set if people reckon it's worth it

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