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League Tables 03.08.2019

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All the glitches are now sorted out, so here are the first tables of the season. One player's prediction was potentially being discounted as their post could easily have been read two ways, but we're nice people and realised what was meant; it's been allowed this time as it's the first game this season, but please keep your predictions in the suggested format:

eg: Forest Green 2-1 Latics (HT 1-1) - Nepomuceno - 2,714

Also, one player had "Own Goal" as first scorer. That does not score any points even if it's true, so please predict a Latics player to score as, should the first goal be an OG, then the scorer of the second goal (if there is one!) will count.

Right, that's got that off, so here goes (and apologies for some pretty crappy cropping; try saying that after a pint or three!)


Premier League

@disjointed is the first week's leader as he top scored with 11 points :applause1:as all but 3 players in the division went for a defeat. Not much else to say really.





11 points was the best in the Championship as well, scored by @Dave_Og :chubb:. Pity there's no points for actually predicting "No Scorer". @yarddog73 didn't bother :thumbsdown:.




League 1

Wow, first ever prediction from @oafcmad09 and he hits the attendance jackpot! :bblue2::imnotworthy: A 14 point lead after one match ain't bad. No predictions from @L1onheartNew:o and @mcfluff1985 :( 




League 2

Another newcomer, @alisonh1981 takes the first ever top spot in League 2 with 8 points, but it's the tightest division of all four after just one game




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