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How about this;


QUIZ SHOW: Junior Mastermind

Channel: BBC 1

Date: Monday 17th December 2007

Time: 19:30

Duration: 27 minutes.

John Humphrys poses the questions as four contestants, aged only 10 and 11, brave the black chair to face specialist and general knowledge questions in the Junior version of Britain's toughest quiz. Tonight's subjects are Walt Disney, Oldham Athletic, William Wallace and the My Story series of books.

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Spitting, the vile little turd


He'd broken his hand the night before


Passed her knickers round the changing room


A watch and someone's wallet


It's an anagram of...





I'm half expecting to see oafc-prozac squeezed into his school uniform...

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Which is the highest league ground in the English league," asks James Taylor. "I always understood it to be Oldham's Boundary park but the commentator at the recent FA cup tie said it was only the second highest ... if so then which is the highest?


According to Simon Inglis's definitive work, Football Grounds Of Britain, the three highest league grounds above sea level belong to West Bromwich Albion, Port Vale and Oldham Athletic. The Hawthorns - built in 1900 - is the highest of the lot, standing at 551 feet above sea level. Next comes Vale Park (525 feet) and Boundary Park (509 feet).


The highest football ground in England, though, is at Silverlands, home to Buxton FC, which is more than 1,000 feet above sea level - but that's nothing compared to the real altitude-busters in central and south America.


The Azteca Stadium in Mexico City stands at 7,000 feet above sea level, while the daddy of them all, the National Stadium in the Bolivian capital La Paz, is a breath-sapping 8,500 feet above sea level.





Now lets get back to the point of this thread ..... the young lad or lassie needs our help!!!!

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Well if we're going to help him I suppose we should start putting some questions to the answers...




Can we try to guess some of the answers?


I'm going for:


Roger Palmer

Pine Villa


Ian Wood

Ford Sporting Combined League




1. Who is harder to track down than Lord Lucan?

2. What's the most popular house name in Oldham borough?

3. When did Mark Crossley make his league debut?


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