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  1. Wasn't there anyone to operate the perimeter advertising today, or don't they have any ads. to put on them any more.
  2. He was practising his diving as well. Embarrassing.
  3. Yes, but that signing was stupid because the club knew of his injury record, and lack of fitness.
  4. The FLG wrote to AL in May regarding the SLA . How can he say the club is being held to ransom when he hasn't bothered to try and negotiate a better deal.
  5. Well written, that must have taken ages. The question is, would AL sell to the FLG, or would he throw his toys out and relocate elsewhere. I think, the way he has behaved so far, he would opt for the latter, and do everything possible to stop the FLG getting their hands on his team. What can be done to stop him I don't know, other than someone else coming along who he would be willing to sell to in order to cut his losses. It could get to the stage where BP is going to get very ugly this season if the results go against us, and AL will have to pay for added police cover.
  6. Even so, it's not good to have practically every contract ending at the same time. Corney resorted to this, and we ended up with nearly a whole new squad each season. The better players leave, and it's impossible to build a decent squad.
  7. If AL decides to close the JR stand (not his to close) for the coming season. What's to stop the FLG opening it themselves free of charge, or say 5 quid a game, AL can't erect a screen to stop people watching the game, as he would need permission from the land owners to do that. If it's policed properly with stewards, there shouldn't be a problem. Or am I being simplistic in my thinking, and there is some way AL can stop people watching his team?
  8. That's my understanding to. They will be offering shares to us fans, so that we all have a chance to own a sliver of the land and stands. AL saying the FLG are holding the club to ransom is obviously a lie. He is frightened what they may do once they own the whole shebang.
  9. I know this isn't L1, but Notts. C. are facing liquidation later this month, when they next appear in court. People haven't been paid for weeks says the MP.
  10. If AL sees this he will want to implement it again to save on the leckie bill.
  11. That is the May review four or five weeks ago. Maybe things have moved on since then.
  12. The added responsibility of being captain, may make Maouche a player who puts the effort in much more often. Let's hope it does.
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