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  1. At least AL has attempted to keep him, rather than cashing in.
  2. And look where we are in the league structure. Good young players have to be found every season if the strategy of selling them is to work. But the way the Prem. clubs can gobble them up for peanuts these days I don't think we have a chance at youth level. We need to try and do what Posh do and actually spend money on non league players for a decent fee, and sell them on, or on AL's non league French connections.
  3. If he manages to get good young players in, then sells them, how can we get promotion or build a squad. If he wants to get to the Championship in 5 years then good players have to be kept. This is the Crewe model that may work for the odd season or two when we get lucky with players we can sell for big money, but it soon goes and we end up back at square one. Crewe managed to get to the Championship but on the whole are a L2 side.
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing Lyden come back now. He should be fit again for next season.
  5. I doubt he will walk into SPL or Championship 1st team yet. It would be better for him to stay here and get more football under his belt and get a better deal for himself next summer. On the other hand we should be offering him a new improved contract, but I can't see us being able to match what either Preston, Rangers or Portsmouth could offer him.
  6. Aren't they supposed to put a bid in and ask permission before speaking to a player? That's if he did attend their training facility.
  7. Now evens. Campbell 2/1 and no hoper Graham Barrow next at 12/1 with Correa
  8. I doubt it. Most likely the alternative mentioned above. AL is simply stating that the budget will be more than last season.
  9. I'm not surprised he's applied as Macc may be heading for admin., and that would almost certainly relegate them next season. Mind you that could be us as well, so he could be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire with the Lemmys.
  10. Surridge came on for Bournemouth at Palace yesterday, had a shot saved.
  11. Undisclosed fee for Edmondson, no doubt!!!!!!
  12. Is planning permission needed for this, and if so does anyone know if it's been submitted yet? That would give us a clue if AL means it or not.
  13. We'd jump at the chance to have owners like they have.
  14. I don't read it like that. It says the fan led group will take over the running of the stand on May 20th. Why share anything with Brassbank after that? In effect Brassbank and OEC will have new owners. They have confirmed that the existing agreement for he club to take profits on match days, as they do now, will continue and are awaiting this deal to be done with the club. I guess this will mean that Blitz and Gazal will have no further involvement in Oldham, unless they have assets in other parts of the town.
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