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  1. Well said. Eagles put them on to Wheater. I doubt very much they would have gone for him otherwise. As for the two statements on the official site. Maybe they are finally beginning to realise they have haemorrhaged 25% of the hardcore support, and matchday income is very low. Most of it coming from the away fans, and in this league that is paltry. If things continue, ST sales will crash next summer. AL doesn't learn from his mistakes, and hopefully in the not too distant future he flies back to Dubai or Morocco a few million poorer, having sold the club to another mug.
  2. He owns the club which surrendered rights to the stand, with it seems, little proof of the transaction.
  3. No-one or group would in any way want to buy the club at the moment, until all this is sorted out. No matter what we want, AL isn't going anywhere. He may think that he can get his hands on the OEC without paying a penny for it, or at least be part owner, if proof can't be found as to what went on in 2016.
  4. You'd better send a fax to Mo, he may agrees with you.
  5. Surely they don't use Hanson to chase down long punts. He's not much quicker than Vera. Mind you he has more control.
  6. That's why he's in L2 and not the Championship or the top end of the French L2.
  7. I've done it and it's a relief not having to look at his name.
  8. If a team comes for a point we haven't a chance unless the intricate passing movements are much quicker. If the opposition do come out, the only way to score is down the wings and heading for goal with the front man, or a ball over the top relying on the speed of the front man. As we only have three forwards. One of which shouldn't be anywhere near a football team it will be very difficult. If Mo can bring in a couple of forwards worth the name in January, things could look up significantly. Forwards not currently in the plans of a Championship team on loan would be the best option, as they would probably find it much easier to score in L2. Wages would obviously be a sticking point. Get rid of the dead wood like Vera and it could well be done.
  9. I'm totally surprised that Brill is still earning a living as a goalkeeper. Especially in the league.
  10. Banide to players "Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once"
  11. The stumbling block with them was the ground, which they couldn't agree a deal for. It was mortgaged up to the hilt and had other loans against it. To buy Latics they would have to negotiate with Blitz as well. he has already agreed a favourable deal with the FLG. New owners would have to pay more. I agree though that the only way AL can be removed, is for new buyers to approach him. If he got wind that the Trust were behind it, he may well be his usual belligerent self and refuse to speak to them.
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