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  1. A proper chairman. If he had had his way when he was on the FA board, the Premiership would now be paying EFL clubs a hell of a lot more money. RIP Ian.
  2. They could do that working from home. I guess being furloughed means not working at all.
  3. I think Joe lost the plot on all these decisions. Adams was a good RW and Redfearn certainly wasn't as good in that position. How could Marshall be played anywhere but up front, other than at CB in an emergency, after the goals he scored for us and went on to score for other clubs. Barratt wasn't the tallest CB, but he made up for it in pace. Never a RB.
  4. AL may not be able to ride this economic situation out. It depends where his money is.
  5. My first game was against Burnley. The first to be played under floodlights 1961/2. I was allowed to go with some older lads who lived nearby, and my second game was the FA Cup game against Liverpool in 1962. We stood on the RRE terrace in a crowd of 42000 and we were robbed if I remember rightly.
  6. I couldn't believe our luck when we managed to recoup the fee when we sold him to Bolton. Why we kept him for three seasons I don't know.
  7. l don't think they could cover every game individually like Ifollow can.
  8. One of big Joe's bjggest mistakes letting Redfearn go.
  9. Whilst we are on cooking, Simon Wood's Manchester restaurant was on MasterChef last night He was showing the contestants how to cook his dishes.
  10. According to the weather forecast it's going to warm up this weekend. Possibly 20 degrees on Sunday somewhere. I'm sure there are a few mutations of this virus around. An expert in the WHO said that mutations are nearly always weaker than the original virus. It seems like the unfortunate people who suffer most are not just the elderly, but the ones who catch the original version. George Alagiah, the BBC news reader had a test when he went for his routine cancer checkup and it came back positive. Although his immune system is shot to pieces by the Chemo. he didn't realise he had it. His only symptom was a bit of a temperature.
  11. Doesn't the letter state that everyone in the household should isolate with you, as they could catch the virus and bring it home to you? Glad you are on the mend.
  12. I don't rate many of the so called stand up comics these days. Hardly any are funny, and most rely on swearing to try and get people to laugh. Something that Tommy Cooper never needed to do.
  13. I received my letter yesterday stating that I shouldn't leave the house for 12 weeks. I will have to try and find some sort of exercise to do. This will not be great as the weather gets better and warmer.
  14. I think that may be a bit optimistic. We are already at 160 and increasing quite rapidly now. The total each day though is not accurate because they don't record a death until they have approval from the family.
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