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  1. We never know how many season tickets have been sold though. Not to mention what % are concessionary or kids. I guess the attendance figures will be some kind of clue.
  2. It's ok in the Premiership because players get five year contracts. In the lower divisions it's normally one or two years and occasionally three. There's no way to build a proper team any more. The good players get better offers when their contracts end or are sold before that, and the poor players aren't retained. It's a constant merry-go-round.
  3. Are the players brought in his? I'm not sure, Rowe certainly isn't. Would he be aware of the two Salford lads? Dearnley's agent probably put him forward, and N'Guessan he says is one he has been watching.
  4. Woods is out for a while. McCann will be a week or two
  5. To change the system we need more creativity and accurate passing. McCann can do the accurate passing from a defensive position, but we need someone in midfield capable of assisting and scoring goals. We will probably have to wait until the summer for that. We can however start setting the team up now for next season now.
  6. We could do with a creative midfield player who is also able to do a defensive job in a midfield 4. This lad from Burnley is another defensive midfield player which we didn't need.
  7. How many of that team left? I'm not knocking him yet, he's playing safe with a poor bunch of players. I don't think he can be judged on this transfer window either as decent players cost money. The summer will be the time he will be judged, provided he is backed by AL and we don't put ridiculously low, insulting bids in for better players.
  8. Probably because it's deemed a part time job by the powers that be at BP.
  9. Hamer's long throw isn't accurate, or there's no tactic used to take benefit of it.. He just throws it into the penalty box. Dino's comment that Stevenage have only won one game since he left, which proves it wasn't him to blame is ridiculous. He brought those players to the club. He also said we battered them 1st half. I would hardly say we battered them.
  10. There aren't any top class strikers available. Best we could hope for is a striker way out of favour at another club, who may strike it lucky here.
  11. He has to say that it's his squad. He should know all about them and their weaknesses and possible strengths.
  12. And Wellens. I wonder if Swindon have the cash to buy him and pay his wages.
  13. I wonder how much the loan he converted was.
  14. It's about time this was stopped. A season long loan should mean a season with no recall allowed. There should be no clause in the contract needed, just loan them for half a season.
  15. I hope you don't mean that next seasons crop of players will be worse than this lot.
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