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  1. Can we afford paper plates? This is obviously being done now because season ticket renewals are not going well, and the anger on this board and other social media sites. He may well be close to going under and needs this money to keep the club going. Even if he isn't, he is not going to stop interfering, because it's in his nature to want to control everything. He can't trust a manager to spend the budget wisely and manage the team selection. His brother seems to be the only person he trusts, and we know nothing about either of them.
  2. I remember him being interviewed when he first took over, it may have been on GMR, and he said that he had, but didn't elaborate. As for protesting - This board is only used by a very small number of fans. An ideal way to inform more fans would have been via the Chron.but I suspect it's readership has drastically shrunk since it went online. I don't know if the Oldham Times is read widely by fans or not. It may be worth while getting them involved when it has been decided what to do.
  3. Can we sign him now, or do we have to wait until the summer?
  4. AL is unpredictable and does things on the spur of the moment. He constantly says that the fans are everything and ether a protest or not buying season tickets may tip him over the edge and decide to walk away. I don't think he's as thick skinned as Corney. If he does walk then we will be in administration, and a points deduction. Am I right in thinking that if this happens at the end of this season it is a 10 point deduction this season and a further 10 next season, or over the summer it could be a 20 point deduction next season?
  5. I wonder if Priest has turned down the opportunity to manage the team temporarily now that Wild has taken over again.
  6. Can you imagine Steve Evans v AL. Evans would be going purple with rage at any interference.
  7. This will end up with the club in administration. Very little season ticket money coming in and AL can't afford to keep it going, he may decide to pull out when he sees there will be very little money coming in from the fans. Even if he doesn't that will drastically lower the budget for next season, and we may well be where Notts C. are now.
  8. First time I went, I think was the first ever Sunday game. If I remember correctly, we weren't allowed to pay for entrance, but had to buy a program at the gate as an entrance fee.
  9. How do some of those clubs pay the wage bill on the gates they get? 790 employees! What do they all do? As for De Gea wanting £400 pw. isn't Ramsey rumoured to be moving to Juventus for £600k a week. It is ridiculous and many of these top clubs would be in serious trouble if the TV companies decided enough was enough, and offered much lower contracts to cover games. Unfortunately they won't because the lieks of Sky depend on football, not so much BT, and terestial TV companies can't compete and have more or less pulled out altogether. How long will it be before Amazon Prime starts bidding, pushing up wages even more?
  10. Bury yes, but how big is their wage bill and how do they get around SCMP rules? Lincoln were nothing but a spoiling team. They stop the opposition by any means possible, fall over to get fouls, cheat and are awful to watch. Very few sides in L2 try to play good football. As for the Championships extravagance, they do get a large chunk of TV money, but they say it is nowhere near enough compared to the Premiership deal.
  11. He lost the plot ages ago. His interviews sounded lkie he was on a different planet at times.
  12. We certainly wouldn't have been passing the ball as accurately. Maouche is a far better player than Gardner.
  13. OK Missile should have cleared the ball up the line rather than messing about, but there were quite a few passes after that which ultimately led to the corner. There were other corners which we defended, this was just another one which we failed to defend, so I can't blame Missile for the goal. As for the playoffs we are a point closer now than we were before the game. Lots will happen over the next few weeks so I'm not writing this season of yet.
  14. PS says today that Stott has gone back to Stockport because it would be pointless for him to be sitting on the bench not playing. He says Stockport are going for promotion and he is very happy with the job they are doing with him. PS also says he will be an important player next season and he likes him (mind you he also says he likes Coke).
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