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  1. If you take the same argument for general elections and say people who don't vote don't want any party or candidate, then we wouldn't have a Parliament, never mind a Government.
  2. I did say I wasn't fussed, but you are right Dave. This home shirt is a modern design and no link to history at all.
  3. Jordan Lyden signs another 2 yr. deal for Swindon, and Porter signs up for another season at Crewe.
  4. What gets me about the 17/18 accounts is the fact they outsourced them, when they have an accountant on the board.
  5. I'm not fussed either way. Surely the blue gradient top would be better with navy shorts to continue the gradient. It won't look right with white shorts.
  6. This was Corney's way of running the club, until he could no longer borrow to pay the bills. Leaving us in a complete mess of alleged undisclosed debts. I don't know where AL is getting the money from, but the club is losing £1m a year. If AL manages to buy the stadium in the name of the club, then quite a lot of that £1m could be made up from the income generated if it's done properly. The first thing would have to be a winning team to get attendancies up, so that more money is spent on match days. I agree with you about the players brought in over the years. The playing budget for 2018/19 could have been about £3.5m, because the turnover would have allowed that, but I don't think it was anything like that. As the EFL is so pitifully poor at checking out new owners (see Wigan) we need to be very careful we don't get someone worse.
  7. I would have thought that all members should have always been entitled to a proxy vote. Perhaps the cost of postage and printing of forms made it to costly. Perhaps covid will prompt online voting , or at least being able to vote via email.
  8. And we thought AL was a bad owner. We have to be careful what we wish for maybe.
  9. This page from 'The Trust' web site explains the 2018/19 accounts in some detail. Very good to see. https://trustoldham.co.uk/2020/07/02/trust-oldham-comments-on-the-clubs-accounts-for-2019/
  10. Is Dino annoyed at losing McCann and having to possibly keep Engone and Maouch?
  11. I can only hope that McCann refused a short extension, because I can't believe DM would not have wanted him in preference to Engone and Maouch. However, whenever the next season starts there should be plenty of decent players available. The club just has to make sure they get some of them.
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