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  1. After 5 games this season, Exeter were top and Northampton were near the bottom on the same points as Latics. Northampton were the maggots we could only draw against in our last game of League one which allowed Rochdale to go above us and we got relegated (sorry to bring painful memories back). What the hell have we become? Where the hell are we going? Rhetorical questions, no need to answer.
  2. Portsmouth were paying about this rate of revenue on players wages when they were in the Premiership. It just helps to grease the inevitable slide to League 2 and beyond.
  3. I heard this song today and I thought this part was apt OAFC.mp3
  4. In a circus some clowns employ jugglers. Our clowns have employed a poor juggler, and put him between the posts. I understand with 10 men we are going to be under more pressure, but De La Paz seemed to only be able to save a shot if it was straight at him. He is too inconsistent to be a professional goalkeeper, but we are stuck with him to end of the season. We let him go last season then someone changed their mind. Hopefully we will not make the same mistake next year.
  5. I thought McCann would have been the player to come on when Branger was brought on. It made me think about McCann's "improved contract". Was it to save giving McCann appearance money? Surely not, but I could not stop wondering if this was so. Dino would not want to upset the clowns. Sorry about the conspiracy theory.
  6. Thanks. This is the result of a long hard day at the cricket (Aus Vs NZ) drinking with family & friends. Not recommended.
  7. Oldham 2 Salford 1 (HT 1-0) - Smith - 3547
  8. As you possibly have some influence at OAFC, could you also recommend players to be taken out of the club. Hopefully they could all fit on one bus.
  9. As your Experienced and Ultimate Superior Prediction League Champion (although @24hoursfromtulsehill will never accept the obvious) I wish you all good luck in the forthcoming prediction league. It is looking like the pessimistic amongst us may do well this year, but I hope to be proved wrong. To @pcassist above, 68 years old is the ideal age for this prediction lark. All the experiences of elation and torture you have gone though with The Latics is a good foundation for this prediction game. To those still sitting on the fence, take the plunge and join, there is no disgrace in coming second. Ask @lookersstandandy Let battle commence!
  10. Congratulations to Peter Howarth. A seasoned professional. The bastard beat me into second place. I'll get him next season. You mark my words.
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