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  1. You should try moderating that kind of mentality...
  2. Nope. Purely a win-win situation.
  3. Not directly, no. Though features like that can cost extra the Reputation one was in-built for now. We are just going through a cycle of changes based on feedback and that was one. As was the snazzy new logo (thanks @Matt!!)
  4. Isn't that (seemingly) exactly what he's done?
  5. I don't get to see us much, so have no idea who he is as a player. But, if he can put shifts like that in every week you'd have to assume he's got Championship football in him at the very least. An astonishing performance. You can see why people are talking about Edmundson already, can't you. He's got Tarky 2.0 written all over him.
  6. I have minions for that these days, giving me time to proselytise about shit I am ill-equipped to speak of.
  7. The entire concept of sectarianism, nationalism, racism, sexism... all the isms... are deeply flawed once you strip away the layers of fear and prejudice which form their foundation. Unfortunately, centuries of history shows us that when there is (rising, especially) inequality those feelings flourish and people misplace their own, often legitimate, fear in an ism of one kind or another. Worse still, predatory people use those fears to push their own agenda - be it political, social or most often greed. Personally, I feel we're going to look back fondly on the pre-2020 age as being just the tip of an iceberg. We may not see the previously-experienced extreme examples (world wars, famines, genocides)... but we just may.
  8. This post was not reported - no action was taken. Depends on how much of a weapon someone has been, combined with how good/bad my mood is that day of course. If I banned people I didn't like you wouldn't be posting, would you? In reality we're constantly asking for money to keep this place afloat and less members would make that a lot less troublesome... maybe I really should do more to remove people incapable of being tolerant of others. I'll add it to our funding-ideas list. You're not wrong, to some extent. I'll say that. However, you got a week for acting like child if memory serves. We talked about calling people out publicly when moderation took place but we don't have the time or inclination to make that much effort. We've probably moderated 50 posts this season and from a quick look we've suspended 3 members (maximum was for a week) and banned 1 member (they literally asked for their account to be banned so they couldn't come here anymore - weird I know). Whatever fantasy people carry about this place being some kind of oppressive regime isn't very accurate. Indeed of the 4 Mods only Steve is a regular poster/visitor. I'd not been here since the middle of last week and only came today as I actually went to the game on Saturday. Speaking of which... on topic... I thought we actually played quite well and despite letting them get in to the game more than I felt we should have, we never looked in real danger. A goal for them could have made things very interesting, but that's a big what if.
  9. I think there were issues.... @Stevie_J can you help?
  10. It is if he's only got an EU one and wants to keep working here as an "agent" (of sorts)...
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