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  1. That's an interesting coincidence isn't it...
  2. I will lock the tread if needed. Take the Politics and other shite to the Taproom and leave people to call each other cunts about football no politics, please.
  3. Hi All, If the rumours on Twitter are proved true I welcome condemnation of that person to the ends of the earth, and back. However, until that time they're at best rumour and at worst the potentially libellous damning of a young person with their life ahead of them - something no one should take lightly. Twitter has abhorrently low standards for what it considers to be acceptable. We're better than that here, and thus threads on the subject will continue to be moderated. I am sure any reasonable person can understand why. Cheers, Ack
  4. And with that, we're done. This is why you can't have nice things.
  5. Did you seriously just use the word snowflake unironically? Christ, what a thread.
  6. How's it odd...? It's marketing for Paddy Power yes. Which they probably paid Huddersfield a boatload of money for!
  7. Afternoon Everyone, The Mod team have been talking over the last few days and have decided to post a little update on funds, following the exceptionally generous donation (both in financial terms, but also the time, effort and talent) by @mrwalks12 from the Wild Boys thread. We're always on the look out for funding, and we don't want to take for granted our current position, but thanks to some tweaks with our ad-platform (now @Matt is back), we're capitalising a little better on the site's ad revenue. We've also had countless other (equally generous) donations in this thread over the last few months, which all means for the moment we're currently keeping our heads above water. As a result, whilst we're incredibly grateful for the offer, we have decided to donate 50% of the £350 to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Association - in honour of @opinions4u. O4U made a huge impression on all of the Mods, and we feel it's the absolute least we could do. Thank you to everyone for your generosity - your support really does make a difference for OWTB and we'd not be online today without your ongoing support! OWTB, The Mods.
  8. Not directly, no. Though features like that can cost extra the Reputation one was in-built for now. We are just going through a cycle of changes based on feedback and that was one. As was the snazzy new logo (thanks @Matt!!)
  9. I have minions for that these days, giving me time to proselytise about shit I am ill-equipped to speak of.
  10. The entire concept of sectarianism, nationalism, racism, sexism... all the isms... are deeply flawed once you strip away the layers of fear and prejudice which form their foundation. Unfortunately, centuries of history shows us that when there is (rising, especially) inequality those feelings flourish and people misplace their own, often legitimate, fear in an ism of one kind or another. Worse still, predatory people use those fears to push their own agenda - be it political, social or most often greed. Personally, I feel we're going to look back fondly on the pre-2020 age as being just the tip of an iceberg. We may not see the previously-experienced extreme examples (world wars, famines, genocides)... but we just may.
  11. I think there were issues.... @Stevie_J can you help?
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