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  1. We did have some fairly handy centre forwards around at the time Derek was here (Shaw, Big Jim, Garwood, Lochead, Jones etc) hence his limited opportunities. Also won the Ford Sporting League around the time, part of which was based based on goals scored so we weren't doing too bad. Without looking it up didn't he represent Northern Ireland whilst still with us.
  2. Getting to the ground 45 minutes before kick off to get your place in The Chaddy and in readiness for the team to warm up. Ritchie always seemed to come out last for the warm up and got the biggest cheer, almost like the main mans here now, all is well. Must have demoralised the opposition before kick off. Then kicking towards the Chaddy and them not being able to get out of their half as Holden and Adams supplied cross after cross. Like Inspiral says I too think they lost something when they went up. Could never take to the likes of Pointon, Redmond and Sharpe. My best memory is after the 6 - 0 Semi Final game, walking back home when it just hit me, Christ we're going to Wembley, I was so captivated by the game on the night I had forgotten what we were achieving.
  3. It is actually 41 years today, died whilst watching a World Cup game in 1978. Very sad day, the best entertainer I have seen at BP along with Stitch.
  4. Beyond belief........like thinking you've bought a house and found you've only bought the garden. Perhaps he thought he was getting a bargain. No idea why due diligence took so long, what on earth were they checking - now turns out he wasn't buying what he thought and has debts that he was unaware of. Couldn't make this up. However he passed the EFL's "Fit & Proper" test which is reassuring 🤯
  5. Sorry to hear the passing of Bernard the former Latics Secretary. I had the good fortune of meeting Bernard maybe 10 years ago in a work capacity and he was such a nice guy. Although associated with City for the past 40 years he still followed Latics and had many a story to tell of his time here. RIP Bernard, a true gentleman
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