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Fabian Yantorno

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just having a look round a few of the gretna forums (not that there are many) and a few comments are


''one of the only success stories this season''


''he's already a legend after only half a season, a massive loss''


''could tell from day one he was special''



sounds like (if true) he's a good player if we can get him fit!




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is stu still working there? he was there when i did my work exerience at latics! the whole staff kept changing apart from stu, gordon, sean jarvis and a girl called shelley I think. was well confusing.


I remember that well, gordon took me to my 1st press conference with me in my suit looking like a coat hanger to see "the exciting new manager" 1 ronald moore, should have shot him while I had the chance.

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if its true then he will be a great addition to the squad! and if we can get pau murray aswell then we are just about sorted, need a few more defenders n a gk then were sorted!



being a little hasty there. do people really think murray is the same player? i doubt it.

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Is this REALLY true?? he was released on Monday, there's a story in the press up there linking him to us, then this thread appears that he's here and has signed? we've been here before on rumours like this, and have always been disappointed when they turn out to be balls.


Though i, like a fair few on here, have been looking at the info on him that's available on the internet, and if it is true, then thats our creative midfielder sorted for next season!!!!!!!!!!

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If we get this guy then we won't need another centre mid.


A right and left sided midfielder though.



from what iv read about him, he can play attacking midfield, upfront or wide right. And also a quality free-kick taker and crosser of the ball!

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