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Cheltenham Away in the FA Cup

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bet there are a few non- league sides out there hoping to draw us now. god what a time to lose your form.


Yep, I'm sure there's loads of clubs thinking, forget wanting someone like Barnet, Grimsby, Hereford or Orient, let's have the team that are currently ranked as the 7th best in the competition.


Seriously guys, chin up!

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What a rubbish draw, they beat us 2-1 in the Cup in both 01 and 02...


BUT you see all those loan players they have? Bet nearly all of them can't play...


ALSO, if we lose, well it's out of the way, and it's not an embarrassment. If we win, happy days.

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Terrible draw but at least if we do lose then it's not all over the back page in 'FA Cup shocker!'. If we seriously want promotion this year then getting out of the cup is a good thing. Not that I think we will lose to them though.


And Martin Allen's now in charge so dig out you St George flags boys..

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Fantastic draw! :wink:


... Have to say, even putting my locational benifits aside, it aint really that bad, if we cant be confident at getting at least something out of a game like cheltenham away, well, then we are either at our pessimistic best, or we simply shouldnt be one of the contenders in this division...


... 6 points against Scunny and Yeovil at fortress BP and then the tie will look far rosier.... and as has been said, at least we arent in giantkiller action once more...


We are playing a team we should be more than capable of beating... so that isnt too bad in my book....

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