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Shock Horror Scholes

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I feel sick,a footballer earning that much money should be shopping in Sainsburys :disappointed:

Absolute nonsense.


Waitrose home delivery (via Ocado). He gets 15% off first delivery using voucher code VOU9417791.


Tesco groceries online give £5 off orders over £50 using XXBOYY for a first order - so no player should ever be seen in Tesco!

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He's too old!

I reckon Lidds gets half way round. Finds he can't remember what he came back in for and is frankly out of breath. Drops an apple, pauses, slots it back into the display past some doddery old lady who has barely moved off her spot (and claps him as he goes past), and goes straight back out onto a bench with a woolly blanket on him. And a thermos of cocoa.

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He obviously read that dead cert. rumour on here a couple of weeks ago about Porter coming back after a chance meeting with a fan in Tesco. He thought to himself: "Why have I been hanging around motorway service stations so much when all I need to do is be seen in Tesco. Will I find Corney in frozen goods or fruit and veg?"

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