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Two unconnected events on Sunday have prompted a review of our board policy, which is outlined in the owtb.co.uk statement:

Establishing Safe Practice


OWTB.co.uk is committed to cyber-safety, the safe and responsible use of it's communication technology. The website promotes appropriate use of its communication technology

by means of enforcing board rules and actively challenging intimidatory behaviour.


This is a serious issue. The failure to recognise the importance of protecting users from on-line bullying and slander may lead to events spilling offline.


Can I please point out Civil and criminal law: Although bullying is not a specific criminal offence in UK law, there are laws that can apply in terms of harassing or threatening behaviour, for example, or indeed menacing and threatening communications. In fact, some "cyberbullying" activities could be criminal offences under a range of different laws, including the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, which has both criminal and civil provision, the Malicious Communications Act 1988, section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, and the Public Order Act 1986.


Can we please also say at this time that the moderating team are not on site 24 hrs a day, and it is very difficult to read everything - we shouldn't have to - but we call on the members of OWTB to use the REPORT function in the threads, or PM facility to alert us to any untoward behaviour - and we will investigate the incident.


We want to keep OWTB a place where users can enjoy having friendly chat and being able to express our views with the expectation that it will provide lively debate, however I'm sure you'll agree - there is no place for bullying or intimidation on this site.


Thanks for your time...



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exactly i came on to talk about football and get people telling me what im doing for a career.


I don't want to prolong this Dean but you posted an opinion about fining players. There were other posters who queried the effectiveness of this . There was a resonable line of thought that your view was not a practicable one and asked about your background in work - credibility does often come from experience in any given situation. That seems like robust cut and thrust, far from bullying.

If you felt bullied that is to be regretted but a forum like this will test and challenge opinions that are posted, and the credibility of posters.

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i dont feel bullied because like i said i would probably laugh if i saw who was making the comments


Maybe the people on here would laugh at you if they saw who you were making these comments. Don't try and act like everyone on here must be some sort of internet nerd with no social skills when you yourself spend plenty of your time here as well.

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Sincere apologies for claiming that I would probably bully you should if I ever see you. I was kidding, which I thought was obvious until my post was removed.


I only bully bullies, and puffs.


Well after all this I thought you would have learned. I dont appriciate this term being used and neither would some people that I know.

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