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Preston manager texts team news to players

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The man is a clown. I cannot believe a club as big as PNE would even consider employing them.

True, but as they are losoing money at a massive rate and just looking to save £750k per month I guess he was the cheapest option.

They are massive but over-spending by almost £10m per year means they won't be massiver for long!

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This is funny! I ran an ameuter Lacrosee team using text to keep a grip of the squad and avoid last minute 'no shows'. Can't see this getting any serious attention from the players at a pro football level tho? What next TXT: Please let me know if you can make training? TXT: today were working on communication :grin:

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Hmmm, I do quite like the theory that he deliberately sent it out at that time to try and catch players who might have been out on the piss and replied.

A new text has been released by one of the players, as erceiminations as why Jervis was subbed after 37 mins continue......

Bosh, I ma no d lahs will c u ltrs, plrs lung at 2

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The guy is losing it !!


Footie boss tells team: We’re al-Qaeda target


FOOTBALL boss Graham Westley told his players to prepare for a 9/11-style terror attack in a bizarre late-night text.



The Preston North End manager said al-Qaeda was targeting the team's hotel.



Players were stunned by the text sent hours before Saturday's crunch game with Yeovil — which they lost 2-1.



Westley, 43, wrote: "In view of the must win game tomorrow beware of the low flying aircrafts as we are in a very high hotel which will be a target for al quaeda leaders (sic).



"If we come under attack we must stick together and keep evolving as a team and bring pain on them. Make sure u have right footwear on incase of such events."



The text has puzzled stars at the League One club.



A source said: "Nobody is quite sure what to make of it. They don't know if it is meant as a joke or what.






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if that's true, then it really does show he is a grade-A bell-end.

he's not come across very well in the media work he's done since his new job either.....if i was at PNE; i'd be putting in a transfer request.

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The Sun in 'making stuff up' shocker.


The Sun newspaper have issued a retraction of a story published on 30th January about manager Graham Westley.


Published online and in Saturday 4th February's edition of the newspaper, the apology reads as follows:


"An article on January 30 stated that Graham Westley, Manager of Preston North End FC, had sent a bizarre late night text telling players to prepare for a 9/11 style terror attack and encouraging reaction to it. Our report was incorrect.


"We accept that Mr Westley sent no such text to players or otherwise. We are happy to set the record straight and apologise to Mr Westley and Preston North End FC."

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