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BBC Sports Internet Pages


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  1. 1. Are the BBC Sport web pages

    • Better than they were
    • Worse than they were
    • Just different, neither better or worse

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Absolutely terrible!


Not just the colour and layout but the functionality. I've had a tab open on the live cricket, I went away for a bit, came back, clicked on the tab and had to wait about 5 mins for all the updates to load when all I wanted was the current score. I have now learned that it is quicker to just press refresh than wait.


Very #firstworldproblems but annoying none the less.

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I like the clean-ness of it, the clarity.

But that is about.

It is a jumbled mess of differnce sizes and shapes, so hard to see anything.

It never saves my settings, and the things I seem to look at are all tucked away at the bottom.

I th k it is because I rarely look at a picture for the story, more the headline text (might just be me

Just lousy.

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I don't like 'em cos they aren't exactly the same as they were before. The old design was probably the best design of online sports page I have ever seen and will ever see in my life time. The BBC definitely needs a major overhaul if they're gonna change the look of their sports pages....

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