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Warning to Fans about Anti-Social Behaviour at BP

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The Club says complaints have been received from supporters stating that their enjoyment of attending games at Boundary Park has been adversely effected and that, in some instances, the safety of fans has been compromised with bottle throwing and

attempting to light people's hair with cigarette lighters.


Such unacceptable behaviour is damaging the Club’s hard-won reputation for providing a safe, family friendly environment in which to watch football. and cannot be tolerated.



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Witness two incidents in the chaddy end when we were relocated there from the RRE. The last one was the Tranmere game and involved the hubby and a few friends who we spat at on the back of their coats. Stewards removed one person at half time becuase of it. Previous relocation was when the same group were throwing sweets/hula hoops at fans on the lower seats


What bothers me more is that they are targeting their own fans? okay debatable if they are latics fans

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£10 season tickets woooosh great idea!!


This is my last year watching the latics at BP after 25 years of going I refuse to pay money to go to boundary park and this sort of stuff makes my mind up.

I would quite happily get banned from the :censored: hole if I saw anyone do that to my friends or family at the game.



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Remember a little :censored:er mouthing off at a home game when the RRE was only open to away fans and someone putting him in his place, then saying "The Chaddy's :censored:, 30 year olds starting on 15 year olds" your age doesn't make you immune to being told how much of a knobhead you are being. Thank you.

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