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With tonights penalty miss/save his confidence will no doubt be a rock bottom. We know that there is a good striker in there - somewhere. Therefore is there not a call to loan him out for a month so he can start scoring and get some confidence and get scoring for us?


Surely this is better than the knee-jerk reaction of selling him

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Because, up until now, he'd scored all his penalties.


Because, had he scored that one, it could have reversed his poor form.


Because, despite his poor form, he had the bottle to take it.




That said, move him on please Lee.

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It's a tough one, that penalty goes in and it gives Rooney a huge boost of confidence, because he's missed it he must be even more devastated and depressed then he was already (not as bad as I'm feeling right now) But for me this is the last straw he's had enough chances to impress and has failed, Will LJ stick with him though ? I think he will


I don't know where people get this "he's a good player for this level" from what I can see he's had one good season playing for Inverness in the SPL ?

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