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A Big 7 days (well 8 really!)

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With most of League 1 having 3 games there are obviously 9 points available so it may well prove to be a crucial time.

We can expect certain teams to fall away this week, especially Rochdale.

With 2 new signings now is the time to start scoring loads. Lets go out and get those 9 points in 8 days to put us firmly in the mix!

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Seriously it's no more important than next week or the week after all that matters is we keep going and pick up enough points to keep in contention.


Remember the aim is to be in the top 6 in May if we are in February great, but if we lose one it's not the end of the world.

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Latics fans filled with optimism and high expectation, 2 home games on the trot to come, it's got 0-1 written all over it haha

Even if it does we will still be in within a shout of the play offs even though we will have made things tougher for ourselves.


Lots of twists and turns to come although I think a play off place will be won and lost with what we do at Boundary Park, the big games in the run in come at home.

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