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Latics themed bars, restaurants, food & drink......

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I came across this Oldham Athletic theme restaurant whilst researching for my summer holiday..... :grin:




It got me wondering whether they serve OAFC related drinks or dishes, and whether they have any sister bars or restaurants around the world and how the Tripadvisor style reviews might read, eg....


Cafe Penney - "despite previous good reviews a disappointing menu serving up bland, unappetising fare. It's only saving grace was this Polish dish on the specials board that was half decent."


Taverna del Transfer - "a novel new concept in dining where all the prices on the menu are undisclosed."


The Barry Blatter cocktail - "always leaves a bad aftertaste & not very popular with the Ladies Groups. Can't understand why they keep serving it."


Pizza a la Johnson - "despite it's small size it was quite enjoyable until, just as I was about to finish it, it jumped onto another table where these diners with Yorkshire accents & slightly fatter wallets were eating..."

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Rhys Turner's Seafood Shack

reviewed by keithhilldale4eva


Didn't enjoy the dribble in my dish. Four of my friends didn't even make it through the meal.


The pulled mussels gave me cause for celebration.


The waiting staff conducted themselves in a despicable manner.


Whether your food is good or bad, you’ve got to have a dignity about you. You should have the manners and a responsibility to wear a name badge and to who you are representing.


I'll be back next year.


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Bouzy's Boozer - always a chance there'll be a spillage or two but overall better than expected.

Mills and Brill's Grill - a mixed bag. One chef seemed to be good with the wings but the other was a health risk due to regular bad handling of meat.

Gregan's Fish Bar - avoid the mayonnaise at all costs!

Liddell - will never let you off the hook if penalty fines are incurred on their premises. However a great delivery service.

Wijnhard's Wineyard - high quality yet sporadic service, grapes used must've been bruised. The waiter who promised us a second bottle didn't return after receiving an "urgent" phone call.

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The Rog- This was great in the 80s and 90s, went to find it the other day but it seemed to have disappeared. Has apparently been open for the odd special occasion but those are blink and you'll miss it affairs.


The Big Joe- Again great in the 80s and 90s, they had a grand reopening a few years ago and it just wasn't as good as it had been. Been recommended another 2 restaurants by the head Chef- those were best avoided.


The Sharp Scot- The Maitre D of the Big Joe for a year or so tried opening his own restaurant- it was awful. He was given the option of taking on the now famous Finnish Chef Stefan Richter but declined stating "He is no better than what we already have." A decision that the owner has been ridiculed about ever since Top Chef series 5

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The Andy Barlow - A proper local that sells nothing but Pudding on a muffin. Hugely under-rated. Should have become a national institution.


The Chris Moore pop-up restaurant - Everything is delicious (if a little over priced) but be aware it won't be round for long. If you wait until just before it shuts down you will get some real bargains.

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