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Man City link rumour

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If they invest and improve our facilities & give us access to their scouting and "services" bollocks in return for us taking a few of their players on loan I'd be open to this. We loan players from them, and others, anyway. Hats off to Corney or Lemsagam if they could strike such a deal. 

3 of City's better kids in the side and 3 quality Oldham Athletic players we might be able to sign with the extra money should see us at the top end of the table. 


Even if we were bought lock, stock & barrel as long as we're still a separate entity (which I think we'd need to be under the rules) somebody else could buy in the future and that might well be what happens, especially if we made it to the Championship and were sat a year away from the riches of the Premier League with decent facilities. 


If we were literally a feeder club and they wanted us to change our identity in any shape or form I'd probably be against it. 


None of it adds up anyway though. City don't seem overly interested in developing their kids and, if they were, I think I'm right in saying Guardioloh has never been shy of throwing them into his first teams. 

Also, the lads who look like Lemsagams signings don't look the calibre to be getting a move anywhere near the Premier League never mind one of it's top teams. 

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6 minutes ago, Mickey Quinn's testicles said:

My God. That City forum makes an interesting read. Amongst the decent City fans who are obviously saying what a load of nonsense this is are ones with the most ridiculous views. One of them keeps saying we are all Utd fans who hate City....eh?

Since they've had money they are a horrible set of bastards. 

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They’ve always been a horrible set of bastards. Where I went to school it was full of “Citeh” and Kinkladze was god. The team was shite tho and he was the only thing they had. Now there’s just more of them since the Arab arrived. Whine like they’ve a God given right to be successful. At least with the Red scum they’ve won aplenty and you can understand where their arrogance comes from. Citeh is borne out of the belief they should be that successful but haven’t and won’t ever be. And they think they’ve got the best fans in the World. Yet most of them fucked off out of Wembley with 5 mins to go against Gillingham. Great fans!


Would hate to be linked to them in an official capacity. 

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56 minutes ago, Laticfanatic1 said:

I wouldn't laugh it off as Bollocks just yet. There could be some legs to this.

It's bollocks because here is the source, an article using us only as an example in the Independent.

The main reason is that City could hoover all the talent locally, The Prem has georgraphic restrcitions on the catchment area but we are clearly already within it,  it is further afield they would want to strectch their reach.




Here is the paragraph relating to us, and uses us entirely by way of example and specualtion.

There is an appetite, though, to bring a lower-league English football club under the City Football Group umbrella. Potentially, a club like Oldham Athletic could use the training facilities at the Etihad Campus because there is more than enough space. Oldham could also benefit from shared central service information. Financially, any arrangement would surely bring some stability for a club like Oldham after years of insecurity. In return, City would have a level of control: being able to see their players in an environment every day on site, while playing for Oldham and gaining English Football League experience. Where would that leave Oldham, though? Would their interests ever be served first again? Manchester, Melbourne, New York, Yokohama, indeed, and Oldham doesn’t seem to fit any sort of fair narrative at all. 


Groundless supposition.


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Rather go down / out of business / reform as AFC Oldham and stand or fall by what we do as a club than be feeder club for any team. 

We all remember great FACup days against City, Liverpool, Everton, Forest, Southampton , Arsenal ( and unfortunately South Shields), as well as a couple of promotions and relegations since the late 60's, but we all get our moment in the sun as "our team" and put up with mediocrity in the meantime. 

Once that goes it's the end of the "92" club league for me. 

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Seems like a decent excuse to post this


RIP Gordy


We have beaten City twice in our last 2 competitive games. We won the most recent game (friendly) and quite frankly had a superb record at Maine Road in my time supporting Latics. (Yet to play them at the Ethihad)


If City want to buy us, then they should have to do in front of a bunch of pictures demonstrating our successes against them.

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1 hour ago, Andy Perimeter West said:

Id welcome anything the last 20 years of supporting this club has been shit and it never gets anybetter!!!!


Would you be happy if we were re-named Manchester City B and had our ground repainted sky blue?

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My favourite on there is Passittogordon who watched Latics regularly all over the country for years up until the big money takeover. He only stopped because of the 'bile spewed about City.'


Someone needs to point out to that absolute thunder cunt that like many he was an Oldham fan who jumped on to City's gravy train! 

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