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The Play Offs

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Championship -1st Leg 

@BP1960 (Swansea City) 6 v 3 @JohnnyPimp (Brentford) Sunday, 26th July - 18:30 KO

@south east latic (Cardiff City) 1 v 5 @Nohairdontcare (Fulham) Monday, 27th July - 19:45 KO


Championship - 2nd Leg 

@JohnnyPimp (Brentford) [3] 6 v 1 [6]@BP1960 (Swansea City) Wednesday, 29th July - 19:45 KO

What a turnaround! @JohnnyPimp overcomes a three goal first leg deficit to go through to the Final 9-7 on aggregate

@Nohairdontcare (Fulham) [5] 0 v 6 [1] @south east latic (Cardiff City) Thursday, 30th July - 19:45 KO

Yet another incredible result as @south east latic beats all the odds and goes through to the Final with a 7-5 aggregate


Championship Final - Tuesday, 4th August [19:45 KO]

The Final will be between @JohnnyPimp 1 v 0 @south east latic

In the closest of Finals, @JohnnyPimp triumphs by virtue of Fulham failing to score in the 90 minutes. It couldn't have been more of a nail biter


League 1 - 1st Leg

@JohnG123 (Portsmouth) 1 v 9 @oafcmad09 (Oxford United) Friday, 3rd July - 17:30 KO

@Dick_Valentine (Fleetwood Town) 0 v 0  @rvlatic (Wycombe Wanderers) Friday, 3rd July - 19:30 KO


League 1 - 2nd Leg 

@oafcmad09 (Oxford United) [9] 3 v 1 [1]  @JohnG123 (Portsmouth) Monday, 6th July - 17:00 KO

A spirited attempt by @JohnG123, but @oafcmad09 was just too strong

@rvlatic (Wycombe Wanderers) [0] 0 v 1 [0]  @Dick_Valentine (Fleetwood Town) Monday, 6th July - 19:30 KO

A very nervy affair settled by @rvlatic's profligacy in front of goal, sending @Dick_Valentine through


League 1 Final - Monday 13th July [19:30 KO]

The Final will be between @oafcmad09  8 v 1  @Dick_Valentine

High scoring @oafcmad09 is at it again, proving to be too strong for @Dick_Valentine.


League 2 - 1st Leg

@tGWB (Colchester United) 8 v 3 @Sparkleking (Exeter City) Thursday, 18th June - 17:15 KO

@laticsrblue (Northampton Town) 1 v 3 @alisonh1981 (Cheltenham Town) Thursday, 18th June - 19:45 KO


League 2 - 2nd Leg

@Sparkleking (Exeter City) [3] 8 v 1 [8] @tGWB (Colchester United) Monday, 22nd June - 17:15 KO

Incredible turn around from @Sparkleking, who wins 11-9 on aggregate 

@alisonh1981 (Cheltenham Town) [3] 0 v 0 [1] @laticsrblue (Northampton Town) Monday, 22nd June 20:00 KO

After a 0-0 draw, @alisonh1981 goes through to the final, 3-1 on aggregate


League 2 Final - Monday, 29th June [19:30 KO]

The Final will be played by @Sparkleking 3 v 0 @alisonh1981




I'll update this thread as the play offs progress, so keep an eye out for any changes. Now, I just hope to God that I've got it all correct. Please PM me if I haven't



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The Play-off threads for Leagues 1 & 2 are now posted. Make sure you post in the correct thread corresponding to the teams you represent. Do not post predictions for the second legs **


A reminder of the rules. They are the same, ie - 2 pts for correct outcome (W,L,D), 2 pts for half time and final scores, 1 pt for each team's correct number of goals and 3 pts for first scorer. irrespective of which team he plays for. There will not be any attendance points as games are being played behind closed doors.


** Predictions for 2nd leg games - these must be sent to me by PM which I can then post accordingly after kick off. This makes sure that a winner in the first leg can't mirror his opponents prediction in the second leg to ensure a win. 

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4 hours ago, BP1960 said:

I can't find my Championship match here to post a prediction?

The play-offs aren't settled yet in the Championship as they're completing the regular season. Once we know who the four teams are, I'll edit the opening post. There will then be a new thread to post your predictions, the same as the Leagues 1 and 2 threads. Results will be updated in the opening post.



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Following his incredible comeback in the semi-final, @Sparkleking triumphs in the Final, beating @alisonh1981 3-0, so @Sparkleking will play in League 1  next season.


It's the League 1 play-offs on Friday. The fixtures and players are here


Don't forget to post predictions/edits at least 10 minutes before kick-off and PM me your predictions for the second legs. Good luck to all four players.

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League 1 First Leg scores added. @oafcmad09 takes a 9-1 lead over @JohnG123 into the second leg on Monday as @rvlatic and @Dick_Valentine play out a somewhat turgid 0-0 draw.


Don't forget to PM me your second leg predictions at least 10 minutes before kick off on Monday, 6th July.


Edit: One of the four players already has

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@BP1960, @JohnnyPimp, @south east latic and @Nohairdontcare:  Dates and kick off times for your Championship play offs are added. I'll add in the actual teams when the final Championship matches are completed.  Don't forget to post at least 10 minutes before kick off times and PM me your predictions for the second legs at least 10 minutes before kick off.

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The Championship semi-finals are now known.


@BP1960 will play @JohnnyPimp, predicting the Swansea City v Brentford first leg game on Sunday, 26th July, kick-off at 18:30. The other semi-final first leg is @south east latic against @Nohairdontcare predicting the Cardiff City v Fulham game on Monday, 27th July, kick-off at 19:45. 


The second legs are @JohnnyPimp v @BP1960 (Brentford v Swansea City) on Wednesday, 29th July, kick-off at 19:45 and @Nohairdontcare v @south east latic(Fulham v Cardiff City) on Thursday, 30th July, kick-off at 19:45.


There is a separate thread for your first leg predictions and remember to PM me your second leg predictions. As always, the score at 90 minutes counts and you must post/PM at least 10 minutes before kick-off.

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