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  1. Does anyone know Mr Lemsagam well enough to send him this
  2. Leeds were fined £200k for 'spying' on Derby County training so that sets a benchmark that didn't hurt their supporters How about deduct 50% of their UEFA payments for a season which has to be spent in the EFL pyramid or grassroots football
  3. please dont drag us down the ‘we should be ashamed of ourselves for once being the largest Empire the world has ever known’ road Matt Best to concentrate on football matters cos its not like everything at our club is rosey is it
  4. or even 'supposed custodians' of lower league football clubs who are slowly strangling them to death maybe
  5. The collective backlash to the ESL from supporters of every football club is a thing of beauty, truly magical, dispelling forever the thinking that supporters cannot make a difference The day is ours ️
  6. there is that of course and likely to be their fall back position should the ESL proposal not fly
  7. Why do think Castle Greyskull wont be packed every week ? The Glaziers came and there was a huff and a puff with apparently thousands stating they wouldn't go again, yet the ground was full Very hardy and determined are football supporters You only have to look at our place to see that We have an Owner who has taken our Club to the lowest league position in decades and is slowly strangling us to death Supporters still buy season tickets though and go to games Work that one out
  8. Made me giggle that nz, like something out of a kids comic
  9. just maybe, thats exactly what they want the competition rules state the Clubs want to stay in their current leagues this so called Elite Super League is an alternative to the UEFA Champions League
  10. youre way off on this BP these Clubs will already have paid $millions in market research to test the potential of such a competition and JP Morgan have allegedly come up with nearly $5 billion to fund it Interest Worldwide will be massive
  11. The Premier League was formed 30 years ago and has seen little structural change since and needs to change to expand its worldwide audience Burnley v Sheffield United just doesn't attract anywhere near the same advertising and tv audiences that a PL Big6 v a European Giant Club would do You'll get a few 'football purists' threatening to boycott the games but come on, how many of the Big6 supporters will be boycotting games v Barca, Juve. Real Madrid or one of the Milan Clubs UEFA are primarily to blame for me, only recently announcing to extend their own Ch
  12. It's staring us in the face We have an Owner that is having to regularly chuck £money in to pay a bang average squad of players (17th in the bottom tier of English Football doesn't lie) Our only real playing asset is Bahamboula who is highly likely to be sold on for 'an undisclosed fee' at the end of the season Our recruitment in recent years has been primarily by trawling through the lower leagues of French football and more recently English Non League football If our Owner had the finances to positively improve his current standing with our fa
  13. Lets keep it easy to use purely as an example Club Board meetings have been held for 3 months without the Trust representative being given access the Trust have been refused access to see the financials for 3 months communication with the CEO has dried up players and staff wages have not been paid for two months In your opinion, what should the Trust do ?
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