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  1. cant be worse than the ‘terrace’ at Wimbledon BigDog
  2. a 6 hour coach journey to 4th in the league has a drubbing written all over it but knowing us we’ll scrape a draw or a 0-1 win after Scunthorpe doing us last weekend
  3. Remarkably still sat round the big table despite being the only constant in our clubs decline over the last decade Truly baffling
  4. Most fans of any sport know you cant build a strong club/team ethic by treating your players and staff poorly If someone isnt a ‘team player’ I would much prefer the club to come out n say so and move the player or staff member on, with the appropriate severance package PtB are absolutely right to keep pushing regarding standing up for players and staff to be treated fairly by our Owner and Board of Directors We will get nowhere without building a team in which players and staff feel appreciated and valued Our supporters need to understand th
  5. For me the #FreeWheatz was a fun and innovative way of highlighting an issue at our club Fans felt cut off from what was going on with rumours all over the place The club have responded so its worked to a point Well played PtB for me
  6. Wheatz With him 26.5% win ratio Without him 27.3% win ratio - Wage dispute - Positive Covid test - Getting concussion - Injured picking up his dog - Moving house He’s not a Scouser is he
  7. If a team is on a shocking run of form or havent won a game for ages, who would you want rolling up next We’re renowned for kick starting other teams seasons
  8. if only your philosophy applied to games at Boundary Park eh
  9. they’ve only scored 2 in 5 league games so maybe best they keep him in their lineup we have nothing to fear
  10. Summed us up nicely tbf “mere survival is triumph enough for them” is a quote about Latics from the book ‘WHO ARE YA?’ written by Kevin Day 3 pages on us, funny stuff, landed today
  11. Happy to give you a response Inspiral If supporters are attending games and spending time with their young children or elderly parents, thats sacred time and the result or quality of football isnt of great importance. If I fitted into the above profile I would still attend games but would most definitely choose the ‘pay as you go’ option, not risking forking out £hundreds in advance. My view being, with our current owner that the money is safer in my pocket If our team was playing decent football I would still attend games but we’re not and the leagu
  12. It saddens me to say it but our fall into non league football is almost inevitable 16/17 L1 17th 17/18 L1 21st Relegated 18/19 L2 14th 19/20 L2 19th 20/21 L2 joint bottom with 0pts We are being mismanaged both on and off the field and it simply isnt going to change under the current owner We are a football club in a poor rather run down town sat in the shadows of two of the richest clubs on the planet Its becoming increasingly about our clubs survival not necessarily about what league we play in
  13. No offence intended to fellow supporters but . . . You are feeding him by buying season tickets, stuff from the club shop, streaming games etc When you think it through, we have nothing else to fight him with except depriving him of our £money He’s beyond any common sense It was difficult at first not going to games but when you think it through there really isnt anything else we can do to stand proud for our colours. I just couldnt look at myself in the mirror if I’d kept feeding him and keeping him there one minute more. #notapennymore
  14. Agree to a point BigDog but a CEO would normally be the role setting out his strategy for the business and would be ultimately responsible for the financial performance with his chosen Financial Director Our CEO is unlikely to be doing that and I suspect more taking up a Managing Director role He should have been updated on key issues but that will be ‘in the opinion’ of the owner. He will need time to form his own opinion on matters but the key question will be, if he is any good, will he have the authority to make improvements Talking early doors to
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