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  1. 7 goals in his last 68 appearances just isn't going to light up our season is it Hopefully we will have someone better lined up as a replacement
  2. at least after the worrying start to the season we’re not sat on the trapdoor into non league football ️
  3. Its okay to disagree Regarding yourself and your work colleagues, with respect, your contribution to your team will be reliant on your knowledge, youre not expected to compete against athletes 10 years your junior on a football pitch Sometimes its just best to move on, regardless of your profession
  4. So there is no misunderstanding, I am not a fan of the current regime As far as we know and to my knowledge not denied by Wheater - Wage dispute - Positive Covid test - Getting concussion - Injured picking up his dog - Moving house increasing mileage For me, it doesnt read like someone pulling up trees to play for our shirt
  5. a tad controversial maybe but I find it hard to believe that if Wheater really wanted to play, that he wouldn't have forced his way in by now
  6. Wheater was leagues better than our current central defenders but after so much downtime it would be madness to bring him back into the squad and almost impossible for HK to manage Hopefully he will get a new club soon, good for him and wages released for the club to invest in a couple of new additions
  7. Hope so Any recognition for the team can only be good news
  8. cant be worse than the ‘terrace’ at Wimbledon BigDog
  9. a 6 hour coach journey to 4th in the league has a drubbing written all over it but knowing us we’ll scrape a draw or a 0-1 win after Scunthorpe doing us last weekend
  10. Remarkably still sat round the big table despite being the only constant in our clubs decline over the last decade Truly baffling
  11. Most fans of any sport know you cant build a strong club/team ethic by treating your players and staff poorly If someone isnt a ‘team player’ I would much prefer the club to come out n say so and move the player or staff member on, with the appropriate severance package PtB are absolutely right to keep pushing regarding standing up for players and staff to be treated fairly by our Owner and Board of Directors We will get nowhere without building a team in which players and staff feel appreciated and valued Our supporters need to understand th
  12. For me the #FreeWheatz was a fun and innovative way of highlighting an issue at our club Fans felt cut off from what was going on with rumours all over the place The club have responded so its worked to a point Well played PtB for me
  13. Wheatz With him 26.5% win ratio Without him 27.3% win ratio - Wage dispute - Positive Covid test - Getting concussion - Injured picking up his dog - Moving house He’s not a Scouser is he
  14. If a team is on a shocking run of form or havent won a game for ages, who would you want rolling up next We’re renowned for kick starting other teams seasons
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