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  1. Am thinking it might be deliberate On an embargo means you cant pay a transfer fee Transfer Window looming n if we are on an embargo AL doesnt have to dip in his pocket
  2. Bonkers that League One ! Much better to get a view from our own supporters than some unknown journalist
  3. How many tickets have we sold ? Ticket Sales have been very quiet
  4. Funny post if we were not up to our neck in a barrel of Diarrhoea already Heard the very same about Mr Chris Hamilton
  5. He certainly wont be missed Wonder if he will do a ‘reveal all interview’
  6. You dont go for a CEO role without an indepth check of the company and people you will be working with Anyone taking the job is either deluded in thinking they can make things better or more likely looking for a decent wage for a few months and a £pay off settlement
  7. As CEO he was running the place whilst AL was in Dubai Even if the instruction came down from AL, one of his major roles was to enhance supporter engagement, so why not stand up for the supporters The ticket office was messed up for weeks with some IT issue and then moved to restricted opening hours. all under his watch Bottom line is, he simply wasn't very good in the role
  8. Cant think off a single positive contribution he made to our club Suspect he played a major part in further alienating supporters with the ticketing fiasco and removing banners and flags
  9. Agree we do have a lot to do Stand out stats confirm how well we played defensively as a team 33% possession v 67% for Rochdale 6 free kicks v 14 for Rochdale restricted Rochdale to 8 goal attempts despite being under siege for 15-20 mins We clearly lack a real threat in front of goal which will limit our progress but reducing the number being scored against us should at least see us climb a few places and out of the 'trapdoor into non league football' seats
  10. unlike you to misquote me Chaddy "some of the criticism of Pidge has been brutal but he’s never hid am thinking we have a very decent No5 and No6 pairing now which should see us start climbing up the league" How that translates in your head to "I’ll hail McGaey and Pidge as the best pairing since Jobson and Fleming when they’ve managed this colossus performance for more than one match" is truly baffling
  11. did you go the game yesterday Chaddy ?
  12. some of the criticsm of Pidge has been brutal but he’s never hid am thinking we have a very decent No5 and No6 pairing now which should see us start climbing up the league
  13. No5 Harrison McGahey So there is no misunderstanding on what an influence he was on our team yesterday, we simply would not have won that game without him Read the game extremely well, gave confidence to our defence, talking them through the game, allowing the likes of Pierganni to concentrate on their own role Last 15mins +7mins added time we were under siege and whilst we rode our luck at times, the part he played in managing us a defensive unit was the difference between 3pts or coming home with nothing Played like he meant it
  14. Anyone know how many we have sold so far ? Would be amazed if its over 2,000 the way we have been playing
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