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  1. Have read the candidate submissions Matt Dean the stand out for me but good luck to all
  2. you seem a tad touchy with my posts andy something I've said
  3. Yep Launching that club statement just as the town hits the main news headlines is near perfect for the club owners Saying that, if someone has racially abused him, they deserve to be investigated by the police and banned if found guilty of the charge
  4. my personal view for what its worth is thar recusant nine / Rajah Miah content isnt suitable for a football forum its about alleged Asian Cartels, GMP failings, corrupt councillors, grooming gangs in the town and investigation findings being with help not read anything he has said about football
  5. Good timing particularly with the car of the Oldham Council leader being firebombed
  6. "your first line reads like you saw him or heard him saying that" I was there but to be brutally honest I didn't hear him utter those words "I'm just going to video what in my opinion is a troublesome fan" I just joined the dots up
  7. He's gone into the stands to video, in his opinion a 'troublesome' fan Made me wonder that 'Mo n ALi' think that there is just a handful of disgruntled fans with their management of the club Haven't they noticed the 'missing thousands' of supporters not going anymore and season ticket sales falling off a cliff
  8. I have the same dilemma Tried not to moan about it but whilst £45 for an Adult Shirt seems decent the £40 for a Kids Shirt looks pricey The promotional video is very good and what looks a few half decent signings and just maybe KC has the will to be his own man Really do not like how AL and the Board have messed us up Just wanna come Home and support my club
  9. Best looking kit we have had for a long time Like the badge to be honest but would have preferred it embroidered otherwise a big thumps up
  10. Can you confirm that Philippa from the Trust gave the club accounts a once over before their release
  11. tbh a was glad it was on the score n not the crowd
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