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  2. If that's what he thinks a club like Macc. needs, he needs to pay for it out of his own pocket. These foreign training camps, don't work any better than local friendly's. In fact the married players with kids probably prefer to stay at home. In our case, and probably Maccs. as well, quite a few players are signed after they would be back home.
  3. Sorry @latics22 - couldn’t resist this one 😉
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  5. Ah, David Mellor, last seen at Harrisburg Heat in the Major Arena (indoor) Soccer League in the US.
  6. Pretty much this. Wanted Macc to have a pre season training camp in the Italian mountains... couldn’t understand why that’s a problem.
  7. Why are we likely to start badly ? Fear for our future, he’s just announced a plan. Stop being dramatic and if it’s like this in 4 weeks time then fair enough. For now patience
  8. No sign of a head coach, no sign of any new players coming in and preseason is just 5 weeks away. We’ve lost all our key players including a goalkeeper and both centre backs ...At this moment in time all I can see is a constant battle to just to stay in the league! I’m hopeful that preparations are well underway behind the scenes but I’m not holding my breath. If we start badly, which is highly likely, the mood amongst fans is going to become a tad toxic. Unless there is some positive action quickly regarding recruitment I genuinely fear for our future!!
  9. Add Fulham bids for Carl Winchester and Dave Mellor, and Scunthorpe's bid for Peter Clarke in the January of 2017...
  10. There seems to be a growing belief that the next man at the helm will be a Head Coach as opposed to a traditional ‘manager’. Something that I see as inevitable. Abdallah and his brother will bring in the players and the new man will be tasked with moulding them into a team that can compete in League 2 next season. If that individual is someone who is comfortable in working this way then it is a model that can bring success. However there are many potential pitfalls with adopting this approach. Obviously the quality of the incoming players is important and the coaching abilities of the coach are vital. But there is also the balance of the playing squad and the experience of English playing conditions that will ultimately determine how successful next season will be. With the departure of Peter Clarke and the imminent transfer out of Edmundson we have lost our leader and the heart of our defence. This gap has to be filled. In addition it is important that any loanees brought in are of the quality of Iversen, Lang and Surridge. It is just over 5 weeks until the start of pre season - a lot needs to happen in that time if we are going to be ready for that first game. The clock is ticking...
  11. From what I listened to Campbell’s interview, his tenure would have been much shorter than Scholes had he come here. Campbell was complaining over the lack of money at Macclesfield and was dictating what the owner should do. On one hand he was moaning he wasn’t being paid (then happened to mention the players weren’t being paid either) then he was demanding that Macclesfield paid for warm weather training in close season somewhere abroad. Came over a spoilt brat totally out of tune with the finances at our level and priorities. Jordan ripped him a new one claiming Campbell always plays the victim, hasn’t proved anything and avoiding relegation by skin of their teeth isn’t something to crow about. Said that if he was owner of Macclesfield he would have sacked him immediately because of the interview.
  12. Correct. It’s mostly shit. Luckily it wasn’t the pneumatic Jordan though, it was the beach boy wannabe Jordan that was commenting on Campbell.
  13. It is and the bar of the Social Club at the ground used to be a stopping-off point for some mini-buses when Latics were playing in the Midlands.
  14. I can't abide TalkSport and never listen to it. If they've got Katie Price presenting, things are worse than I thought.
  15. Please provide me with proof of Paul Cook, or any of the gaffers of the aforementioned clubs, criticising Jack’s attitude. Just one piece of evidence. Compared to the midfielders Wigan have/had in Powell, Jacobs and Max Power, yes. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a superb player at league one level.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Not the point tho is it! And don’t refer to moyes! I’m NOT shuck! FFS !
  18. Stafford Rangers (away) 23rd July 7:30pm. https://www.staffordrangersfc.co.uk/oldham-friendly-announced/
  19. That’s fair, I’m a bit to young to know this. Can only go from what I have seen
  20. He had an attitude problem at Wigan, that’s why they let him go.
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