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  2. Haha, good point. Sadly what probably matters for the agents is having a bit more footage for the YouTube videos rather than the results of the matches overall.
  3. You could lose your sanity/money and appreciation of football if the Bradford game is anything to go by. I wish you luck with your golf, but I hope our Eagles is better than your eagles!
  4. The atmosphere. Where we were fans were arguing amongst themselves. Some moved closer to the front clearly waiting for the final whistle. Not sure this how old this child is but mine was is 9, wasn’t in tears but said, ‘Can we go?’ When I asked why he said , ‘The atmosphere is not nice’. He’s been to many away days and plenty of hostile grounds but that was the first one I felt that I wanted to leave early because it was clear what was going to happen and you had to walk through it to get to the exit.
  5. He’s a damn sight more of a chance of selling this shower of shit for anything at all never mind profit, the less people can see of them
  6. Interesting question. The fifth tier is not really a shop window, so it doesn't seem to fit with his plan of bringing French sixth tier players over and selling at profit. Equally, if he pulls out now he'll have nothing to show for what he's already spent.
  7. So its sounding more and more likely these will happen. I know a lot are already protesting by not attending. Would you protest and to what extent?
  8. When AL bought OAFC I seem to remember him saying that he would be concentrating on the playing side of the football club before turning his attention to the ground. We’ve suffered a relegation since and now occupy the lowest possible position in the whole of the football league. If that constitutes looking after the playing side then God help us!! I am convinced this squad in its present form will almost certainly see us relegated out of the football league. IMO if we are to stand any chance of survival we will need a minimum of three ‘quality players’ coming in by the end of this month however I’m not at all convinced it will happen. If that’s the case and the on field problems continue then I reckon the vast majority of supporters and his so far ‘ loyal’ followers will almost certainly turn against him. The atmosphere will become toxic to say the least and we could end up with protests inside and outside BP to rival, or even surpass anything we experienced during the Chris Moore era.
  9. Multilingual apparently, even though all the instructions are passed on in French from the bench, farcical.
  10. Maouche will hit 3, maybe 4, excellent passes every game. But he'll make a complete balls of the other dozen or so. He's lazy and certainly isn't a leader. I've not seen him geeing anyone up yet. I'm certain he's only captain because he's one of Marco's boys.
  11. Even when we have been shit, I've always wanted to go knowing we were capable of winning a game. We were shit but not poles aparts, I genuinely think we will get comfortably beat every game. Therefore cant justify the time or money.
  12. I'd planned on going, but right now I don't think I can be arsed. From my very first game in 1950, I've never felt this low about the club I've loved for so long. I think I'll just listen to Dom's and Roy's dulcet tones and save a miserable drive home.
  13. Nah, that's bollocks, not toxic more passionate/pissed off at what is happening to our club. You pay good money to Stand on the terraces at an away game, at the least you demand the team give it a good go. The Clown in charge is killing our club, passions will spill over. I'm a bit meh about it all but those that vent their spleen have my backing.
  14. Yes there are definitely and you will find them at away games, mostly closer derby games and the like. They seem to care more about antagonising opposing fans than watching the football. And it wasn't just booing which given the performance is warranted. It was viscous with an air of real menace.
  15. Is it any surprise that there are? I doubt there is one single supporter who doesnt want us to win games
  16. A little subdued but kept his position well and played simple. He stroked a lovely raking ball over the full back's head from deep in his own half for the first goal.
  17. To be honest I think there is a section of the supporters who are toxic, and it suits them that the team is struggling at the moment.
  18. Does anybody think he’d pack it in if we went down again? Personally, i don’t.
  19. I’m not trawling through every post looking for tedious arguments and playground name calling. Report things if you want them looked at.
  20. Today
  21. Wasnt in Chamiponship in 5 years? Gonna need a quick turnaround in form for that to happen!
  22. I assume you are referring to the over paying off players as back handers to him or money laundering
  23. No it wasn't and it will only get worse. The players werent in tears at all, yeah they looked despondent but so they should. I am sorry your son was in tears, genuinely uncertain what caused that.
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