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  1. I thought Stott played well , a few others tried without delivering like Wilson and Smith-Brown . why on earth Nepo didn’t start and Vera did defies any logical explanation
  2. That would be so good hope your sauce is a gud’un
  3. So how does his roll ( 👮‍♀️ ) fit in with Muzzas?
  4. That was before a cup semi final at Wembley with all his family there to watch him totally understandable reaction
  5. Champions - Plymouth Dark horses - Northampton Relegated - Macclesfield and Morecambe Latics - 12th Latics TS - Wilson Latics POTS - Nepomuceno Banny - Moved on by the end of December
  6. Sounds a bit too much like Keigan Parker, who was pants apart from that sublime outside of the right foot curling shot at the rocky road end
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