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  1. I thought that must be a wind up name, as in ‘has a no clue’ , but no it’s real and he was also at Preston North End
  2. I hope this comes to fruition . to state the ****ing obvious, we need a real striker more than any other position. i try to remain positive, but last night’s game made me worry about our current predicament more than any other game this season.
  3. I was disappointed with the players’ reaction after Cheltenham scored. they all ambled back to the half way line , there was no encouragement or rousing from any of the players to galvanise them and get them fired up to fight back. Says a lot I think The manager was doing it though
  4. Danny Gosset has been diagnosed with serious illness puts things into perspective https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dannygosset1
  5. Hatchets to bury in your head. ah the good old days ‘fusiliers, fusiliers we are the fusiliers’
  6. Hope that’s not ‘injured ‘ like Nepomuceno was quoted as being the Saturday before he went off to play for Curacao
  7. I may have missed it somewhere but is Woods injured?
  8. Likewise I only know one Qarabag are from Azerbaijan
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