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  1. Hope it works out for him. he wasn’t great for us, but I thought he had something that could be built on. he was better than some of the signings we made in the summer, including at least Urko 🇪🇸 and Adams, Gonzales and Kokos maybe he would have been signed if his name was Zaque or Le Dearnley
  2. We may have lost at Gateshead if Zeus hadn’t played
  3. Remember going on the Latics Liner to Bristol Rovers the players were on it too and some saucy shenanigans ensued, allegedly
  4. Pressley must be close to the tin tack , we dodged one there
  5. We need a striker ’stating the bl***ing obvious’
  6. I thought that must be a wind up name, as in ‘has a no clue’ , but no it’s real and he was also at Preston North End
  7. I hope this comes to fruition . to state the ****ing obvious, we need a real striker more than any other position. i try to remain positive, but last night’s game made me worry about our current predicament more than any other game this season.
  8. I was disappointed with the players’ reaction after Cheltenham scored. they all ambled back to the half way line , there was no encouragement or rousing from any of the players to galvanise them and get them fired up to fight back. Says a lot I think The manager was doing it though
  9. Danny Gosset has been diagnosed with serious illness puts things into perspective https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/dannygosset1
  10. Hatchets to bury in your head. ah the good old days ‘fusiliers, fusiliers we are the fusiliers’
  11. Hope that’s not ‘injured ‘ like Nepomuceno was quoted as being the Saturday before he went off to play for Curacao
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