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  1. This one paints a picture too https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/league-two/attendances/away
  2. I was thinking Davies. But he wasn’t here when Bunn was? who is an ex striker who was here when bunn was? sturridge or someone else?
  3. Good shout if Maouche is not performing, Sylla will come on again at 55 or 60 minutes
  4. I think Brenda Blethyn’s Vera is probably just as good a player
  5. Sylla did a good job when he came, rather than Maouche, who is a better footballer but had just gifted them their second goal
  6. I was stood in the open end behind the goals, think we may have had part of the stand to the left as well.
  7. Wonder if one the Nevilles would step up to help them somehow?
  8. Baxter every day of the week or year he’s got a much better football brain B-E thinks beating 2 players easily then messing it up when not beating the third and not tracking back, is all ok.
  9. I went watford cambridge latics 26-1 😁
  10. Was it nonaenever or something like that?
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