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  1. stevesidg

    Notts County (a)

    Nepomuceno scores for curaçao
  2. stevesidg

    Carlisle United (H)

    At least three george at the left of a back 3 graham being on the pitch taylor at ‘left wing ‘ i’m no expert but after 15 minutes you could tell it wasn’t working, and should have been changed at half time to a back 4, rather than after Carlisle had scored 2 more quick goals before the hour. Go back to 4 at the back, with George and Clarke central, and Taylor at left back and dummigan or hunt at right back it’s time to give Gardner a rest, and play nepo wide left and Jose to play those through balls to Surridge to run on to and turn defenders inside out
  3. stevesidg

    Carlisle United (H)

    Baxter and Surridge to start Graham to start is a funny one, hope that goes well come on latics
  4. stevesidg


    Someone on radio Manchester a few weeks ago said that it costs £10 a game and Latics get £8 of that could be hearsay, could be fact
  5. stevesidg

    Carlisle United (H)

    Costcutter and Latics, 2 words that unfortunately fit well together
  6. stevesidg

    Shez has gone

    Me too after Joe and Jimmy first names all begin with a J, coincidence or spooky? maybe Jose could be a future manager 😉
  7. stevesidg

    League 2 activity

    Yates could be on his bike
  8. stevesidg

    "Support your team, always"

    RIP Peter a true fan
  9. stevesidg

    Forgotten Heroes

    Did he drive himself to drink?
  10. stevesidg

    Transfer Rumours

    It took a while but I got there eventually 🏫 photographs, old chap
  11. stevesidg

    Grimsby (a)

    And the drink is a can of Ben Shaw’s American Cream Soda
  12. stevesidg

    Welcome back Jose Baxter

    something absolutely indispensable or essential , according to google translate i did german , not Latin
  13. stevesidg

    Newport (H)

    Don’t Hold On To Your Ar#e?