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  1. Good call 22πŸ˜€ Absolutely made my morning when I read Shucky's "call to arms this morning". Hilarious! Well done Shuck Very entertaining and upbeat! 😊. Just what's needed right now.
  2. Let's hope so. I know we're in a different era now but Joe Royle nearly took us down first season - Derby went down on goal difference if I remember. So sometimes having the time makes all the difference. However, I. do realise this will ba AL's 4th appointment in 12 months😞
  3. Fair play to all those who went today. Proud of you with such a great turn out. Just watching MOTD and those at top of PL ain't perfect listening to the pundits. We're L2 - we ain't going to be perfect either. Much as it frustrates us. I love my job ( sad I know ) but I ain't always perfect at it either. Let's have a bit of perspective. Sometimes it's good (ie Fulham) and the rest of the time its just another day at the office - much as we wish it could be different.
  4. Could be just the right time. Let's see what happens this week. πŸ˜€
  5. Yes - but how much more did you learn in the "University of Life" at The Farrars that has served you better in life?πŸ˜€
  6. Got kindly invited with 3 other friends to a freebie pre-meal and match there one evening last season - against Norwich. Was a good nights entertainment for the neutral to be fair, as it turned out - with Norwich snatching a draw in the last minute from 0-2 down. The one thing that did impress me however, when you talk about the right match-day experience, - was the capacity crowd (albeit they were on the cusp of promotion, therefore a great atmosphere) - so 31000 + as you've just quoted - and more importantly, - everything that was going on for all age groups in the spaces below the stands, - pre-game, - which meant people made a whole night of it, and were spending money which was going directly into the club. I have to admit, I was gobsmacked, and envious! Plus, the mates I went with said that whenever Sky turned up, apparently, they used to go all "Champions League" with the fireworks at the start- a bit pretentious perhaps - but it all adds to the atmosphere. I know we've made a start with Juniors area, - but if only we could utilise the space we've got to the max !
  7. Agree to a greater degree. However, the worry now compared to previous years is we have no board - running a multi million pound business. In which other walk of life would you find this? ( and I'm usually the eternal optimist!) And you have you ever seen this turn out successfully?
  8. I'd say that's impressive tbf. 4 yrs later and a league lower - and I believe they only brought 62. COYB. ?
  9. Great to see. Thanks for sharing. Tremendous away support. Really lifts the spirits along with the result! COYB ?
  10. Cheers KIG, Sorry to say - but this this is real life. A quick fix it ain't gonna be. This is month's - if not years of mismanagement to fix. ?
  11. I know everything isn't rosy in the garden right now, but bear with him. FB says he's in to rebuild, and this will take time. He's asked fans for patience. We haven't got the fully fit team out there yet. Seem to remember Joe Royle's first season we survived on goal difference over Derby. And look what happened after that. Also, remember Wigan coming down from Championship not so long ago? Did nothing up to Christmas, then flew up the league. This is a rebuild from the inside out and is going to take time unfortunately. Hang on in there. This is Latics. It can, and will happen again for us, - one day :)
  12. Sorry Steve, Not been on here since Saturday night as I was out all day yesterday. I was in school in an old mining village just outside Durham from age 4-19; (Bobby Robson's birthplace as it happens)
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