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  1. Got kindly invited with 3 other friends to a freebie pre-meal and match there one evening last season - against Norwich. Was a good nights entertainment for the neutral to be fair, as it turned out - with Norwich snatching a draw in the last minute from 0-2 down. The one thing that did impress me however, when you talk about the right match-day experience, - was the capacity crowd (albeit they were on the cusp of promotion, therefore a great atmosphere) - so 31000 + as you've just quoted - and more importantly, - everything that was going on for all age groups in the spaces below the stands, - pre-game, - which meant people made a whole night of it, and were spending money which was going directly into the club. I have to admit, I was gobsmacked, and envious! Plus, the mates I went with said that whenever Sky turned up, apparently, they used to go all "Champions League" with the fireworks at the start- a bit pretentious perhaps - but it all adds to the atmosphere. I know we've made a start with Juniors area, - but if only we could utilise the space we've got to the max !
  2. staffordlatic

    Chron Articles

    Agree to a greater degree. However, the worry now compared to previous years is we have no board - running a multi million pound business. In which other walk of life would you find this? ( and I'm usually the eternal optimist!) And you have you ever seen this turn out successfully?
  3. staffordlatic

    Three home games in a week

    I'd say that's impressive tbf. 4 yrs later and a league lower - and I believe they only brought 62. COYB. ?
  4. staffordlatic

    Morecambe (a)

    Great to see. Thanks for sharing. Tremendous away support. Really lifts the spirits along with the result! COYB ?
  5. Cheers KIG, Sorry to say - but this this is real life. A quick fix it ain't gonna be. This is month's - if not years of mismanagement to fix. ?
  6. I know everything isn't rosy in the garden right now, but bear with him. FB says he's in to rebuild, and this will take time. He's asked fans for patience. We haven't got the fully fit team out there yet. Seem to remember Joe Royle's first season we survived on goal difference over Derby. And look what happened after that. Also, remember Wigan coming down from Championship not so long ago? Did nothing up to Christmas, then flew up the league. This is a rebuild from the inside out and is going to take time unfortunately. Hang on in there. This is Latics. It can, and will happen again for us, - one day :)
  7. staffordlatic


    Sorry Steve, Not been on here since Saturday night as I was out all day yesterday. I was in school in an old mining village just outside Durham from age 4-19; (Bobby Robson's birthplace as it happens)
  8. staffordlatic


    Cheers JL, - you too! Will always try and KTF! As an aside, - KTF was on the back of my 2006 100 yrs at Boundary Park Celebration strip I used to wear at 5 - a -side in the gym - when I could still play, (until a couple of years ago) till injury put a stop to it. I always used to joke to the other lads that it really said "Keep the fat" - as that was more appropriate for me It's a hard day to take today - but onwards and upwards - hopefully!
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    This for me. Disastrous day. Absolutely disastrous. Can't get as often as I'd like to for numerous reasons, and I totally admire those who go week in, week out no matter what. Heroes ! - and I don't use the word lightly! Numerous reasons why we are in this position - and too many permutations to go into now. To be honest, we've got away with it several seasons before, and been lucky, - this time not so - unfortunately, - but whatever, - life has to go on. As Worcester Owl says - look at Fergie - whatever your thoughts - he 's a fellow human being, and that's important. My thoughts go out to Prozac too. So wished we could get back to the Championship for you! Yes, - I wish we had survived, but now we have to face the reality of League 2 unfortunately. And yes, - there are some who were out there this season weren't fit to wear the shirt, -as we all know- but that's been the case for a few years now. To me, it says it all when our two youngest, - and two defenders at that, - score for us today ! - and fair play to them. And I think this sums up our season really! My concerns came weeks ago when I saw players saying they didn't know or weren't worried where we were in the league table. I'm sorry, - I may be only be an admin assistant with a local Charity, but, if I didn't know where we were in terms of performance, then I would get my rear end kicked- hard! Likewise, RW coming out and saying the team were too slow out of the blocks one week, and too quick out of the block the next week, - rang alarm bells. Anyway, that's all too late now. I was born in Oldham in 67, and dad's job took us away from the town when I was 4. I was late to football really , - when I was 7 in 1974, but have been LATICS through and through ever since thanks to him. I took my Adidas school bag with Oldham Athletic proudly blazoned on the side - to school when I was 11 through to 16 - despite the stick from all the Newcastle and Sunderland fans in the North East, - but didn't care - there was only one team for me, - no matter what. I was fortunate to be there - thanks to relatives in Oldham - on our promotion to 1st Division, and proudly sang "Oldham till I die!" with the other 19000 in Boundary Park whilst stood in the "Chaddy". Neil Redfearn - hero! And that's how it is. My wife doesn't get it. But it's here - in the heart and the soul of me - and that's it - end of! If this club ever folded (Heaven forbid) - then that's me and football done. No supporting City or United as second choices - only one team for me. It runs through my blood, and that's all there is to it! If we have to do a Wimbledon and come back from 8 leagues down - then so be it. It's in my blood. I can't help it. That's the way I'm made. I'M OLDHAM TILL I DIE I'M OLDHAM TILL I DIE I KNOW I AM , I'M SURE I AM, - I'M OLDHAM TILL I DIE I know we have a new motto now, but KTF - you know it makes sense ! Hang on in there. It ain't going to be an easy ride back, - but this is Latics - expect the unexpected !!