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  1. Do you need to be a fully qualified accountant or would part qualified be useful? If part qualified is of any use I may be able to help out within the next 6 months or so.
  2. Hes from Cheltenham area isn't he? Everton signed him as a youngster from there
  3. I'd say its important. If everyone is playing together and for each other, management included then we will see better results. No doubt we have seen character this season however we need to stop giving teams 45 minute head start.
  4. Not sure, the way they celebrate with him at times suggests they do however if they genuinely want to play for him why do they only start playing after half time?
  5. Kicks off at 3pm according to the advertising boards yesterday...
  6. Can you? Not what time the club announced it, the actual time the contract was terminated?
  7. Contract cancelled but was watching the game today
  8. Doubt it, don't think hes played 3-5-2 at all during pre season?
  9. Looked half decent against Preston. He's clearly had some issues in the past but there is a good player in there sonewhere, hopefully the year out has done him some good and Bunn can get it out of him every week.
  10. What are you basing the awkwardness on? I've only seen him play twice, first time in his sub cameo against Southend where he didnt have any chances that I can remember and the whole team that night was poor (even if we did create alot!) and then against Forest where he took his goal very well.
  11. And? We overlooked Vardy and hes playing several levels higher than us... Overlooked Lee Gregory and hes playing a couple of levels higher... If Bunn and Rhodes decide hes good enough then that should be enough to ease your concerns...
  12. O'Grady playing better with Benteke but still looks a yard too slow
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