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  1. and how many of the current squad/staff were there to witness those defeats? doesn't matter a jot that we’ve lost there before half our team hadn’t heard of Oldham Athletic two seasons ago...
  2. Let’s be honest, this club will be run to the ground before fans are mobilised again Abdallah will be pissing himself: supposed boycott, he drops the price and we get the highest attendance of the season Trust might as well get their nose out of it now, he and everybody else knows they don’t have the active backing of the vast majority of fans Hopefully Abdallah isn’t such a bellend, we can only hope
  3. Protests cant rely on people to not do something when they have for the past 40 years or more. They rely on active demonstration. To drown out the apathy.
  4. Wouldn’t it be hilarious after this if we were promoted Long live Abdallah
  5. Don't worry about me, I’ll be there. Wembley’s not far down the road.
  6. If you attend this fixture you need to be sectioned
  7. Kev Birkett as assistant, Parkin fitness coach
  8. Had that 1994 shirt, until this morning... A quick look on Twitter and a few of the comments he’s made about Islam won’t go down very well with Abdallah...
  9. To not renew your season ticket while still attending home games is going out without a whimper. Anybody who is doing that should have some backbone.
  10. Looks like all momentum has seeped away. No shock there. Back to bitching on here and the odd grumble when we lose a few on the spin.
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