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  1. Had the pleasure of meeting Urko Vera at a charity do once. He was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
  2. And sack off the club badge or relegate it to the sleeve
  3. It didn't seem hostile when we were doing okay under Bunn last season, in and around the play-offs...
  4. I this most are consigned to the fact this cannot turn out well with Lemsagem at the helm Such a random appointment who likely has no knowledge of the club further screams puppets No reason to like or dislike the bloke, I just have assumptions as to why he's here and in what capacity
  5. Didn't he speak conversational English, and used a translator because he didn't want his words manipulated by the press?
  6. They've not figured out how +33 works? It smacks of disdain from the club towards its fans
  7. I don't sign up to iFollow or LaticsPlayer or whatever it is nowadays so I may be out of the loop, I just find it odd there's not been a single interview with the new manager 3 days since his appointment. Not a peep on any free-to-air platform, not even the announcement article. What's that all about?
  8. It's not to cast aspersions on Binade's coaching ability to acknowledge that he's another cog in a farce which is doomed to fail No matter the man at the helm this regime will go tits up
  9. I'm sure it's been said many times on this thread already, but straight as I read the news it felt like the beginning(?)/catalyst for a sharp descent
  10. and how many of the current squad/staff were there to witness those defeats? doesn't matter a jot that we’ve lost there before half our team hadn’t heard of Oldham Athletic two seasons ago...
  11. Let’s be honest, this club will be run to the ground before fans are mobilised again Abdallah will be pissing himself: supposed boycott, he drops the price and we get the highest attendance of the season Trust might as well get their nose out of it now, he and everybody else knows they don’t have the active backing of the vast majority of fans Hopefully Abdallah isn’t such a bellend, we can only hope
  12. Protests cant rely on people to not do something when they have for the past 40 years or more. They rely on active demonstration. To drown out the apathy.
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