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  1. They took the game on because of Scholes, now that narrative has run on. An obvious protest would give them something to talk about.
  2. I was half expecting Lemsagem to try for a Monday 2pm kick off of the rearranged Tranmere match
  3. Theyd actively welcome it if anything. They hardly picked us for our scintillating atmosphere, and it would help with their narrative around Scholes
  4. You’re worried we’re ‘sleepwalking into oblivion’ yet want us to make an entirely new club? Interesting
  5. Never works cos you can’t mobilise enough people
  6. Scholes couldn’t be arsed and Abdallah is a clown
  7. Stuff like this always reminds me to think twice before criticising players now You have no idea what’s going on in people’s heads, especially in a competitive environment Very commendable for Jose to admit to that battle on camera. He’s never been a cult player solely for his footballing ability
  8. There were over 4000 Sunderland fans at Donny the other month, surely a cup game will be a smaller home attendance and it’s a bowl stadium so should accommodate as many away fans as necessary, I’d have thought. Don’t see a reason we won’t be given more tickets. Bet you can make a right din in there too
  9. We are the Oldham, we love a bargain Wonder what the home crowd will be like for this one
  10. If it’s Scholes at least we’ll now be left with only Ibby and his Dowie shouts next time we get a new manager
  11. That Liverpool side would’ve battered Fulham. They had Luis Suarez up front for starters...
  12. We will take a few thousand I’m sure. Hopefully a big following will give the game the magnitude that Fulham away naturally had to some of the foreign lads who perhaps might not know the meaning of this to the club. I’m sure Doncaster will be up for this one far more than Fulham were.
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