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  1. NewBlue

    New Manager Thread

    That Liverpool side would’ve battered Fulham. They had Luis Suarez up front for starters...
  2. NewBlue

    Simon Blitz

    Chuckled at that
  3. NewBlue

    FA Cup 2018-19

    We will take a few thousand I’m sure. Hopefully a big following will give the game the magnitude that Fulham away naturally had to some of the foreign lads who perhaps might not know the meaning of this to the club. I’m sure Doncaster will be up for this one far more than Fulham were.
  4. NewBlue

    FA Cup 2018-19

    I almost feel more resigned to losing this than Fulham. Let’s hope whoever the manager is he can get them up for this one...
  5. NewBlue

    FA Cup 2018-19

    You get the full top tier in the cup at City I think - didn’t see any Rotherham fans in the lower tier in the highlights yesterday Will it really be a decent away day if we lose 7-0? I think not...
  6. NewBlue

    FA Cup 2018-19

    In some ways, I agree. Do you really want City away, and to lose 8, 9, 10 nil? It's not even pessimism, just don't want to watch us get a real beating - it won't have been fun for Rotherham
  7. NewBlue

    Vote for the Latics

    Historically we’re surely not much different size-wise to them. A quick look and they were getting 4000 at home games in the early 90s...
  8. NewBlue

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Be some away day that if we were to do the unthinkable. Selfishly hoping for Arsenal, Chelsea or Spurs away. Failing them Barnet. However a big game under the lights at BP would be special, especially considering we've not had one with the four stands yet.
  9. NewBlue

    Vote for the Latics

    Quite right. We're huge.
  10. NewBlue

    F*&king yessssss

    Not really. They’re bottom of the league and are shite. No wonder most of their fans didn’t bother turning up when they didn’t need to.
  11. I’d like to see him get a crack until we’re out. I think it will massively benefit the side to have him leading them into the next rounds.
  12. NewBlue

    F*&king yessssss

    And our gaffer is one of our own. I fucking love this club.
  13. I hope he shows the promise Tarky did, however he’s not far off the age at which Tarky moved on I think, and he was head and shoulders above everybody else at League 1 level week-in-week-out when Brentford took him. I’m not sure you’d say anything like that about Edmundson and we're In the division below. Nevertheless we’re comparing him to a lad who has made England appearances. Perhaps George has potential to rise the leagues soon, I’m not so sure.
  14. NewBlue

    Pete Wild

    Terrible shout but I’ve not heard that name in years!