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  1. Doesn't have the responsibility of being the only half decent player? Can't wait til we go on the run I know we will do...
  2. Gardner, yes. Whalley, no.
  3. There's no way these lot will finish above Wigan or Oxford, BP, so think nowt of it...
  4. We'll beat these. Get them started on their relegation run of form.
  5. This will be the last week we're in the bottom four all season. We're a proper football side now, with good strikers and midfielders and players who can create goals. Shore up the defence, which we know can be done, and it's looking very very good.
  6. You joke, but we've signed some seriously good footballers in the past couple of weeks...
  7. We scored two crackers in the same game against Fleetwood a couple of years back...
  8. Jack Byrne - Messi - Suarez
  9. Probably a case of letting them settle then playing them when the loans of existing starters run out
  10. Something tells me it wouldn't be...
  11. I don't want to become one of 'them' clubs...
  12. Generally agree with the sentiment but played well? He almost cost us two goals...
  13. I think his natural posture is hunched. May be something to do with that. Doyle and Davies will both bag more than ten each.
  14. We were punished for Gerrard's header - that was a proper sitter which he totally cocked up. The ball was always too high for Holloway. There was no way he could've scored from that. You're correct cr about Edmundson though. Should've been directly at fault for two goals but for Cole's poor finish. It's obviously up to Shez whether to keep him in the side but when you're not a regular and you make errors that big, with a decent replacement waiting in the wings, dropping him seems a straightforward decision. Maybe the fact he's clearly bulked massively makes Shez more confident in him than Stott.
  15. Abdullah will have players lined up. These players might well enjoy playing in what will be a very decent team as well. I'm certainly looking forward to watching us for the first time in a long while. Odds for us to finish top ten will be very, very good right now. I fancy investing in that.