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How many to Hudders?

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Think people are deciding between this or chesterfield. if liverpool where chargin 50 quid I think we would still have sold most if not all tickets. People find the money if they desperately want to. Easy for me to say with no mortgage or kids tho I spose...


Only going due to me and my daughter able to get match tickets and transport for £35 due to Boundary Blues fantastic discounts

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Hmmmm... last year when we were doing extremely well, we took just under 2,000, which as we all know, is not as much as recent years, bar 09/10, so factoring in our relative league position & the expense of 4 away games in a row, I would imagine 1,500-1,700. Hopefully the feel good factor around the club at the moment can push it up to nearer 2,000.


I will certainly be there, and I cannot wait for this game. I was sat in the Upper Centenary at Anfield, and I have never been so upset at not being with my own fans in my life, especially when Simpson hit the back of the net. You were all utterly fantastic - so, so loud!


I just can't wait for this game to roll around to get all the frustrations of Friday night out of the way via the medium of screaming my lungs out for 90 mins. I'd imagine even the usually tedious obligatory Yorkshire baiting will also add to the cathartic feel. Let's do our bit to help the boys make this an amazing January!!


Roll on 3pm Saturday. Now!!!! :OWTB1:

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