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you can win one of the next two, which to choose?

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so, a win against donny in the league, and 3 points, or a win against donny in the cup, guaranteeing us a ball in the third round? which do you choose?


obviously we would all want both, but if you could have only one, i would have to say the league. we are far from comfortable this year and need all the points we can get, and until we draw another liverpool, my position would remain the same.


however, if you could guarantee a trip to old trafford or the council house etc id have to say the cup game.

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Firstly as last season went 'wrong' after we lost to Liverpool there is a case for saying 3 points is more important than the cup. Secondly as Corney will be really pissed off if we lose in the cup and might therefore relieve us of this awful style of football that PD and his team have developed 3 points would be better. But as a supporter - THE CUP. However I think it likely that we will get a draw on Tuesday and a win on Saturday before slumping into another run of losses as a result of this awful style of football that PD and his team have developed.

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Think we know which one the club would choose.......mind a win over Doncaster followed by a 3rd round tie away to M K Dons would be a bit of a letdown.

An away draw at MK would mean fans who want to go to their ground but don't want to give them any money would end up giving them as much money as we get from the game (barring prize money).

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