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Where were you when we were shit?

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Yesterday at half-time I passed a guy wearing a Man City jacket.


But the best one was walking away from the ground and hearing a lad, looking up from his phone, say "We got Reading." I was confused as someone had just told me that Latics had drawn Everton. He then qualified by saying "Man U got Reading at home."

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Maybe he will learn.


I've heard from several Man City fans the last 24 hours telling me how they support Oldham in their spare time.


Glory Hunters!!


I used to support Man U until about 10 years ago. Where I was born and raised it was either support Bristol City or Rovers or a premier league team (usually Man U, Liverpool or Newcastle). Luckily my dad was having none of it when I was about 13 and started taking me to Oldham games. Saw sense then and realised that supporting a league one team was much more exciting than watching Premier League. It's where true football is played!


Rarely watch the premier league now but would watch league one every weekend if I could!

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There was a lad (read: scrote) outside the back of the White Hart with the hoolies before the game who thought that Leeds scoring against Spurs was Latics going 1-0 down... at about half three (or whatever time it actually was)... I mean it wasn't even Leeds first, it was their :censored:ing second.


Most of them didn't have tickets and no intention of going to be fair, they were just out to play cops and robbers.

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