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Liverpool Atmosphere or lack of

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I just wanted to say how disappointed I was (again) with the lack of atmosphere from the Liverpool fans, even at 1-0 and 2-0 they weren't singing. Supposedly some of the countries best fans? I've heard better from Accrington Stanley.


Also found this video, can hear the Latics fans' Oh when the Blues clearly during You'll Never Walk Alone.




Still a good day out though - maybe i expected more. You'll Never Walk Alone looked good with the flags and scarfs though.

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For 6000 away fans at their biggest away game of the season it's a bit hypocritical of us to criticise their vocal support.


The atmosphere in the away end was barely electric...


EDIT: To be fair the OWTB during YNWA was brilliant but give me Everton or Liverpool at BP over that.

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If we played Stalybridge in the 1st Round would you expect BP to be a cauldron of noise?

Terrible comparison Tommy and one I'd expect from an elitist that would choose to follow a top club. The fact that we had so many fans should of been enough for them to at least try and create some sort of atmosphere.

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They were playing against a club 59 places below them in the league. I can't believe anyone would expect the home fans to create any sort of atmosphere. Its the sort of game where the home fans turn up expecting a fairly easy victory. The reputation of Anfield having a great atmosphere did not come about because of early rounds of the FA Cup against lower league opposition. It came about because of how loud they get for the big games, which in fairness is pretty damn loud.


The OP mentioned hearing better from Accrington. In fairness to Accrington Stanley, those Stanley Ultras are probably the best fans around for never shutting up.

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39,000 Liverpool fans, in comparison to a below 2000 crowd?


39,000 should be making one hell of a noise.

The point tom is making is that it's not a big game for Liverpool and because of that their was minimal atmosphere in the home ends their fans were just going through the motions expecting a win


Which one would we be more up for at boundary park when we play the likes of a league 2 side in the JPT or when at home or when sheff united hudds or wolves pack the Rochdale road end?


I thought the atmosphere in the away end was alright I've been in better but I'm sure the players appreciated it would have been interesting had we scored?

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