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Our biggest games and highlights inc Leeds Play Offs

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Google Dailymotion Oldham Athletic and/or go to Dailymotion site and Search Oldham Athletic and you will find:


Leeds v Oldham Play Off 1st Leg Elland Rd 1st Half / 2nd Half 1-0

Oldham v Leeds Play Off 2nd Led Boundary Park 1st Half / 2nd Half 2-1


1988/1989 Oldham Athletic season highlights 56 goals


Oldham v Man Utd 1990 Semi Final 1st/2nd Half 3-3

Oldham v Man Utd 1994 Semi Final Wembley 1-1

Oldham v Man Utd 1994 Semi Final Replay Maine Rd 1-4

inc all extra times


Plus loads more....



I have not posted the videos on the site and for some reason I am unable to post a link which I tried to do several times but thought you all may like to take a look.


just had a look, the username of the provider is exnoless. Anyone on here?

click the name and all the vids are grouped together

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That was the first time I've seen that. I was always led to believe that our players were still celebrating in one part of the pitch but crucially in our half and that Leeds just waltzed through us. It wasn't as bad as I've imagined, they do look like they are celebrating in their heads and not got their minds on the game but it isn't as bad as I'd pictured it.

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Just watched the second half of the leeds play off game. We were still jumping and hugging everyone in the chaddy end after our 'winner' when leeds scored, dont think to many people saw the leeds goal. Very painful memories.

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excellent, thanks Palmer1. Like many others I cant watch that Leeds one again - dont want to pick at that particular scab.

Just made myself really angry by watching Henry's 'goal' in the 1990 replay - and Jimmy Hill is wittering on about what a great save it was, ignoring the evidence in front of his eyes.Lynam mutters that it looked as if it went in and then that's that "move along, nothing to see here". Aarrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhh. I could see it was a goal from our section of the Kippax ffs, Worral you bent bugger

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Southampton v Odham at the dell 2-2 littlewoods cup


I watched that last night. Things that stood out to me that I'd forgotten about:

  • What a great match Jon Hallworth had. No chance with the goals, made some stunning saves second half
  • The match was played at such a fast pace, even for the era. Attacking at speed, Saints trying to thread through balls but our pacey defence got us out of jail 99% of the time. We were using our classic wingers with a flood of balls into the box
  • How good Kevin Moore was as a defender. Now, Holden pumped ball after ball into the box and mostly of decent quality but Kevin Moore must have headed two or three dozen balls away that night.
  • Brian Moore. God I miss his commentary. I mean, he had a bit of a hard-on for Southampton that night, but he has something there that most commentators just don't have these days.
  • The Atmosphere. It was like a tinderbox that night, much like the QPR Play-off match. Packed crowd, all close to the pitch. Cold night under the lights. I love football this way.
  • That was as at-the-death as it comes wasn't it? Moore said Milford had looked at his watch 2 or 3 times and there was no real timewasting done either.
  • Francis Benali was a right dirty :censored: wasn't he?
  • Willie Donachie! :censored:, I'd forgot he came on as sub!
  • What a weird stand that was facing the cameras. Sorta half seating half standing but with a diagonal separation in the bottom tier. That's not to mention the odd wedge-shaped terrace behind the goal was for home supporters. What a ground the Dell was.
  • Looking at the pens the Latics fans were in, I'm so glad I was allowed up the steps overlooking at the back of the stand. Had a great view.
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  • Brian Moore. God I miss his commentary. I mean, he had a bit of a hard-on for Southampton that night, but he has something there that most commentators just don't have these days.


Commentating is a different beast nowadays unfortunately. All ex pros who love the sound of their own voice and would rather constantly talk about what everyone might be thinking rather than letting the sport do the talking.


Too much hyperbole and premeditated soundbites too - every slight swing of the game is greeted with "could that be the pivotal moment" etc. Or ITV's embarrassing fawning all over Barcelona passing it around without threat 40 yards from goal.


HD slow mos are brilliant but once you start coupling with Coldplay music to try and highlight drama it becomes a bit of an X Factor style joke.


I sound like my dad having a "not like in my day" rant!

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