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Sorry if I'm being a bit thick, but in Mark Oxley's LP interview, he referred to "Ant" coming in. I thought I had misunderstood, but it's repeated on the fishal today.


Following his comments about Bobby Mimms leaving, he said, "Ant has come in now. He's not as experienced but we've had a decent week."


He can't be referring to Tommy Wright and I can't find any reference to a new goalkeeping coach being appointed, unless I've missed something.

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Ant is a goal keeping coach, young chap who has new ideas apparently, he used to be on our books as a trainee. LJ is not sure which way to go next season, bring Anthony in, bring in an experienced coach, or use an experienced goal keeper like Rachubka as number two and the coach.

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“Hopefully the lads will put Newcastle out of their minds and concentrate on tomorrow. If we play to the best of our ability, I’ll be confident of getting through.”

Admission to the FA Youth Cup tie at Boundary Park (7pm kick-off) is £4 and £2.

Athletic warmed up with a 0-0 league draw against high-flying Carlisle United.

Saturday’s game featured a superb display by 17-year-old goalkeeper Anthony White, while Athletic played excellent football without managing to convert their chances.



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Released as a young pro by us in 2010. Has been in the US. Dont think he ever played first team for anyone over here. Was in the same group as Millar








Video working with a youth team keeper, wasn't running up and down the terraces a 1950s method of pre season training?

That lad will be ok when the team next go to the Army boot camp



Wonder if he is good enough as emergency cover?..still only 22.

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