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Predictions on score and home crowd? Who would you play? What reception will you give to Johnson?


My guess varies wildly on whether we have a new manager or not before the game. If we don't we'll get hammered. They've won 5 on the bounce and Johnson knows this side inside out. Looks like they'll bring a good following too, circa 2000. Should have a bit of extra spice and looking forward to everything apart from what happens on the pitch...On the other hand, with a new manager maybe the place will feel a bit lifted and the players will have some impetus having 'got over' Johnson. Huge game for play off ambitions.



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Does anyone really think they are still on?


Not me.


Not even sure a Barnsley style 5 games on the bounce would help us get there - only get us closer and still miss out.


We are 25-30 points away from what would be required to get in the play-offs. That is 9 wins from the last 12. Never going to happen. 4 defeats from the last 5 games has removed any chance of the play-offs.


For me a good end to this season would be a Top half/Top 10 finish and 60+ points.

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For the game I'd go 4-4-2 with wide players not a diamond:

















Wilkinson and Murphy are getting closer to full fitness and could make a good partnership. Out of the players available Brown would be my 1st choice full back and he's doing well enough on the left to stay there for now, so Kusunga on the right would be the next best thing. With Winchester cutting inside and Forte playing more advanced it could easily change to a 4-3-3. If a new manager comes in then we might see a few surprises. Dieng and Truelove might find their way into the starting line up.


If LJ keeps the same team then they'll probably win, but I have a feeling that he may tinker and overcomplicate things which could help us.


Crowd will be over 6k for Barnsley but sub 3k for MK Dons the Tuesday after.

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Barnsley will bring around 2,500

They've won 5 on the spin

Johnson will think he knows our game and players inside out

Nailed on away win then?



They'll go 1 up, think it's easy

We'll get 1 back

Last 10 minutes could go either way

We get a last minute penalty and score it

Johnson gets sent to the stand

Happy days


Well I can dream?

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Lee Johnson's short 'n smarmy... Lee Johnson's short 'n smarmy echoes around the ground and Oldham take all 3 points :)

I still prefer the "meh" approach to the former manager's return.


Treat him as you would treat the man in charge of, say, Dagenham.

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if we'd have won yesterday then playoffs were on. if we win every remaining game they are on. sadly we won't..


If we'd won yesterday we could continue to delude ourselves that we were still in the play-off hunt.....think we have been out of it since we lost 3 on the bounce (2 against poor teams).

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Strange to say we clearly are still in the playoffs but nobody thinks we can make it. If we lose against Barnsley the seven point gap will be too much - the elastic will snap. A new manager this week should help but a win will in any case keep the insane hope alive. It seems 6th place this season will be by a record low score as the 10 teams still in with a shout all have bad days - even Sheffield look like they falling back from the top 4.


Johnson has shown what happens when a new manager arrives with three wins and what happens when a good manager deserts - we would have done better had he wanted to stay the course, probably in sixth place now.

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You do realise that all the clubs around us will have fans saying the same thing, a defeat sends everyone into meltdown, a win and a draw puts us back in the race. All those around us have a chance, as do we. The team that finds a bit of confidence coupled with momentum will do it. No team has those two things just now which is why unbelievably we are still in touch. As David Coleman would say, 'quite remarkable'.

Who knows, maybe a new manager bounce could work in our favour despite our recent poor form.

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Guest Stanley30

It's got Barnsley to win 4-0 and LJ to windmill the chaddy end whilst giving the :censored: sign to all and sundry, written all over it!

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Everyone knows a new (permanent) manager always wins their first match in charge. So to win this match it's simple, we have just under a week to appoint a new manager.

This is a good point so, my suggestion is we pick the 12 best candidates from the apparently great list of applicants and give them a game each!

The 2 with the best win will each get a play off semi and then the overall winner leads the team out at Wembley......simples ?

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