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ST for sale

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Not mine but a member of missus' family has one for the RRE. Not sure how many home games are left but it's sold for the equivent of a tenner a game if anyone wants it?

If it still available in the new year let me know please! I might ask to pay in instalments with our financial status-the clubs i mean not mine!

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:censored:ing hell you'll be lucky, I struggle to give mine away for games I can't attend. After the usual toil to off load it, I managed today only for the game to be called off. All that effort for :censored: all!

So do I. That's because I'm not offering it to someone who pays in most weeks anyway. Anyone doing half the games left and paying on the gate has saved themselves a few quid straight away.

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I couldn't make the Millwall game and I couldn't give my season ticket away for free!!

I've had the same problem when I don't go. There are plenty of people on here who say they pay in most weeks though. For anyone of them, it's a steal.


100 quid anyway. 12 games left is 8 quid a game.

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