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Body Bag League IV - 2016 - Team Picks


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Don't fear the reaper. BBL IV is here.


1. Each player must pick ten celebrities who they think are due a visit from the Grim Reaper. You can shuffle your pack as much as you want up to the start of the game then these picks are final. Once they are submitted after that time, that's it - no points are accrued before the start. Each member can choose a CAPTAIN, captaincy doubles POINTS! Only one captain per team, per year.

2. Scoring is 100 - AGE = POINTS. Clearly those over 100 score minus.

3. BONUS POINTS GAME! Introducing the Spartacus Sweepstakes. Each player selects a date in 2016, nearest predicted date to Kirk Douglas' exit wins 25 bonus points! The bonus is triggered when Kirk snuffs it in this separate game - you do not have to select him in your team - however if you do, you collect the team points as well.

4. No kids/minors. It's sick, but not that sick.

5. Game time runs from 00:00 Jan 1st 2016 to 23.59 Dec 31st 2016. GMT.

666. All death dates are taken from Wikipedia

7. Each member has one team list post on this thread so we can all see the edit time stamps.

Off you pop. So to speak.

Anyone joining after 00:00 can play, but their scores will not be entered or recognised in BBL IV. It's not fair on those who have locked in teams.

This thread will be locked at 00:00 Jan 1st 2016.

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Holding post to probably do the same as disjointed, the grim reaper hasn't visited most of my 2015 picks yet but there is time... I'm sure I read somewhere that Gazza had collapsed somewhere?


Can we nobble Jamie this year and handicap him to have to pick the exact date that the 7 gets rolled?


Just need to get this out of the way then I can start drinking.


Simon Danczuk ©
Bill Cosby
Clarke Carlisle
Clive James
Muhammad Ali
Eddie Large
Fidel Castro
Micheal Schumacher
Lil Wayne
KD - 22 October
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Valerie Harper (Mary Tyler Moor)

Fernando Rickson (Sickly ex-Rangers Star)

Martin Crowe (Kiwi Willow Wielder)

Howard Marks (Soon-to-be-late Mr Nice)

Glen Campbell (Rhinestone near-Cadaver)

Joost Van Der Westhuizen (Crippled Peanut Hugger)

Joey Feek (Leg-slapping Bluegrass Musician) CAPTAIN

Phil Gartside (Wanky Wanderer)

Nobby Stiles (Toothless Footy Ledge)

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (Composer To the Toffs)


KD: 28th September


Close Sweves: Eddie Large, Helmut Kohl, Joe Jackson, Dale Winton, Roger Bannister, Freddy Starr. Gordon Banks, Mike Peters... I'm making places for you in 2017.

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It's my biggest achievement in life, this.


Placeholder too. Just settling on my picks and then it gets posted on New Years Eve.

I can see the celebrities now, making plans for the holiday of a lifetime knowing the grim reaper is just around the corner.

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It's my biggest achievement in life, this.


Placeholder too. Just settling on my picks and then it gets posted on New Years Eve.

Put a provisional list of 10 of the starting 11 for the Blackpool game on on Saturday morning and threaten not to take them off if we don't win. Same for the donny game. They will :censored: themselves into 6 points knowing the king of death is watching

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Hang on a mo! As the only one left in the Spartacus stakes this year- if he pops it I win. Does another celebrity need to be chosen in case he does, he is 99 after all.



My team for 2016:

Joost van der Westhuizen (ex-Springbok Scrum-Half, 44)

Fernando Ricksen (ex-Rangers, 39)

Martin Crowe (Russell's cousin and willow wielder, 53)

Juan Carlos Garcia (Wigan footballer, 27)

Phil Gartside (Notlob board member, 63)

Clive James (Aussie, 76)

Howard Marks (infamous weed supplier, 70)

Dr Kate Granger MBE (Doctor, blogger, 34) (Captain)

Angel Long (Very NSFW actress, 35)

Joey Feek (Wife in bluegrass duo, 40)



Spartacus: 16th December

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I am going to keep adding to this before we start, but draft copy is :


Fernando Ricksen (CAPTAIN) (Ex Rangers)

Jim Bowen (Bullseye presenter)

Clive James (TV Presenter)

Pete Doherty (Libertines)

Andrew Marr (TV Presenter)

Nick Robinson (BBC Royal man)

Muhammed Ali (Ex boxer)

Tina Turner (Singer)

Des Lynam (Former MOTD presenter)

Scott Hall (WWF Star)

KD : 13th September...

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Stan Bowles

Johan Cryuff

Jimmy Greaves

Gordon Banks

Ray Kennedy

Chuck Blazer

Muhammed Ali

Martin Crowe ©

Glen Campbell

Martin Bashir

KD....June 28th


I await correspondence from the above giving them another year of life....

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