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  1. I wouldnt think blitz would have pulled the trigger if he had any concerns about the legal proceedings... Blitz is a business man and will have top level advice. AL is clearly out of his depth from a business perspective and has the cowboy finance director and that pillock from the law firm assisting legally. Only one winner in this one of AL tries to go on the attack .
  2. If anyone streams I know you can't post on here but inbox me =p Couldn't make the game and not at home to watch over vpn =(
  3. Hes lost me with his tactics... It doesn't matter who is picking the players or even the starting XI if you set out with a negative mindset. Up down or drawing we have 11 men defending corners... He cannot change a game. Decent managers spot the signs of trouble and adjust. All we seem to do is switch Smith from left to right and back again. If a player is causing us problems, he doesn't seem to know how to nullify it. His constant shouting at players can't help... Who wants a manager telling you where to stand. Like Westley he wants to control every mov
  4. I tried to buy mine on Wed morning and was told pickup only which I'm not able to do. Surley they can get tickets from oldham to Altrincham in 2 days... Id have paid for the stamp...
  5. So dino says we've finally had an opportunity to get in a full week's training but our 'main' striker (solely based on game time) got the week off?
  6. Azankpo was on holiday yesterday if you go off his Instagram... Must be unlikely to play based on that...
  7. Wait so they ignored the request for a 1to1 meeting and used the deadline day as the day to announce a fans QnA and then they've made sure you didn't even get one spot in the 50?
  8. Can PTB confirm if their only invite to meet AL is part of the newly announced 30 person meeting? Are you happy to meet on these terms with one person only allowed?
  9. By the way... I have no gripe with you. Your on here regularly updating when you don't need to and you seem to have the right intentions.
  10. Couldn't tell you what he posts. I was blocked for asking why we still faced a WUP when a few days before he was 'sick of explaining constantly' that there was a mistake and we would receive an apology. Talk about being out of touch with those he claims to represent... Personally, I think the trust she be looking for him to step down. His media presence is awful... He seemed to be part of the mess in regards to looking at the accounts which 'looked fine' if i remember but then he'd gone without any accounting expert. These now turn out to be unacceptable...
  11. Genuinly think he'll do OK there... Hes raw, has his negatives but id take him over 80% of the current squad.... Too good for league one players us!
  12. He told maouche to play for the badge... Maouche Turned away and sulked to himself. The issue here lies with the players.... You can carry lazy decent players who pop up with some magic here and there throughout a game. You can forgive lack of ability and carry a couple if you get a bit of heart and passion from them. This lot show no real work rate and no flashes of quality. They look like they don't care and have done since before DM. Couple that with a total lack of ability in most of them and we are doomed whoever takes charge.
  13. Welcome to the forum Mr Maouche.... You were even more embarrassing today than usual which is something of an achievement
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