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League Tables 12.10.2019


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Premier League

@youngen's 6 points was the best of the day in the division, taking him up a couple of places, @Ex_pat moves up 3 places despite only scoring 2 points and @milnrow latics only missed out on attendance by four. @aidan_latics hauls himself out of the relegation zone as @rudemedic drops firmly in.





The best score was 7 points by @GlossopLatic and that takes him up 6 places to the fringe of the play offs. @Nohairdontcare takes over top spot at @south east latic's expense and @mick26's 6 points takes him up 5 places. @Latics_Fanatic replaces @al_bro in the final relegation place, but the bottom two stay the same.




League 1

Once again, virtually half the division didn't take part, with nine of the twenty not bothering. @Laticsbiffo posted twice, so his first one counts and, luckily for him, gives him the top score of 6 points. There was no change to the top seven or bottom five, @Londonboy moved up 3 places by virtue of his 5 points. If more players don't take part, it's going to be, as Jimmy Greaves once said, a funny old game.




League 2

Again, 6 points was the best anyone could muster, this time by @jbroyton who moves to the edge of the play offs. @another fan predicted a 0-1 away win, but 0-2 at half time (even with an edit at 2:49pm) so his prediction is void, not that it would have scored much anyway. Highest climber was @kowenicki'smoustache (up 4), and the top two are as you were as are the bottom four.



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