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  1. Kicking off in North Korea by Tim Hartley Having read about this trip to watch a game in North Korea my overall impression is that the whole book would be based upon this. How wrong I was under the title of the front cover the words Football & Friendship in Foriegn lands. There was only one chapter about North Korea. Instead it turned out to be a fantastic book about all the various places he has been with his lad from the age of 4 up until he was 22 watching football. Feom Baku to Moldova, to Brazil to Israel & Palestine. He mentions a couple of his non Football trips to Mexico. Being in Kiev when the trouble in the Ukraine began while at a Fans football tournament aimed at bringing fans from across the globe together but some of the Eastern European countries still living in the Dark Ages. From feeling like at a tourist at El Classico. Mixing football with Charity trips & the strange atmosphere at a Football game in North Korea. If you want to read something different away from the Premier League and a interest in football abroad this book be a good read.
  2. Yeah it was otherwise known as Caveman a top bloke loyal Blue.
  3. I know the Men's team for Scotland has struggled in recent years (yes I know they drew with England) But suprised at how bad the women. The Fact the SPL is so one sided told the Scottish Women's top flight was actually a decent league to watch and good pool of upcoming female talent
  4. They lost 1-0 to Huddersfield behind closed doors yesterday and are looking got sign former Man City striker Felipe Calcio on loan from Espanyol. Yangel Herrera who is the Venezulean U20 captain played in the final recently against England is expected to join them on loan when New York City season ends. Brazilian Douglas Luiz, Pablo Maffeo, Alexis Garica & Columbian Marlos Moreano are all training and expected to join on loan. Read that Man City have just bought Dutch club Nac Breda also could be a shout for next season.
  5. These are Spanish your getting mixed up with Genoa
  6. Jan Butz is performances at Buxton have caught Shez eye
  7. We have the 11th best badge in the World.
  8. Downboated what?
  9. Look good
  10. No Hunger in Paradise by Michael Calvin. A very good book talks about the whole academy system. How the players get treated and ones who don't make it. How agents will use there power and infurlence to help sign kids up to big contracts and play the clubs off each other's. Mentions players who have gone abroad to restart there career how clubs will do all they can to hold onto contracts even if there not gonna sign them to stop others signing them. Speaks to many ex players Mentions how Oldham had Andre Blackman on trial. How former player Kevin Betsey was actually working in McDonald's & now coaches England C. How some players & parents think once in an Academy they have automatically made it. A very good book.
  11. He worth a look what didn't help at Latics was with injuries at the time he didn't play in front of a settled defence.
  12. Am suprised it's took over 24 hours for a thread to appear on here about it.
  13. That sounds like a good book to read.
  14. There wasn't that many Noise was better at the Segunda Game however was sat in a Box at Athletico
  15. Depends if you know anyone or as. The poster above says lay out. The one at against St Mirren the other year you could just walk in same at Chapel road. However one at Chapel Road know a few where refused entry barring a select few.