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  1. Well Germany it has gone from 35% up to 51% (away wins), home wins down from 43% to 20% and draws up from 22% to 29%.
  2. ...and time wasting seems to have pretty much disappeared. The other thing of note is away wins. It is massive in Germany, over half the games. It was happening in Belarus when they had low crowds so I would suspect the same over here.
  3. BT Sport are showing every Bundesliga game from now on this season.
  4. Series one is good (I would go as far as to say, better than the film). Series two is absolutely terrible. I can't believe there were people still working on it to make series three as they should all have been sacked and never been allowed to work again on anything, ever.
  5. Footie fix? The words are 'Bet365' and 'Belarus Premier League'.
  6. Those suspended four points might be appearing pretty soon though: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50861733
  7. If in the Gateshead side the pubs I would recommend are the Station East and the Central. About twenty minutes from the ground, but miles better than anything near.
  8. As far as I know it is an investigation into what has gone on at Bury rather than Dale. He has experience in businesses in this situation and you'd imagine knows the legal ways opf getting the most money. I'd expect the one of more interest will be Day (and would be one of many, many financial threads to be looking at - car parks, Mederco, Lendy, etc).
  9. Telegraph has over 60 against. Not that is matters anyway as they won't get up and running again in their current entity.
  10. I'd be more worried about the HMRC winding up order coming in October (16th) than some imaginary reentry to the league. That's before they come up with c£17M to see them back on a level footing (able to satisfy the league).
  11. I'd be very surprised. That'll be houses (with a small sporting venue attached in some way to bypass the covenant).
  12. Just so we get this right and blame the right person (as Dale seems to be getting it in the media): Day ran up the debts and put them on the road to oblivion. Dale took over and picked the carcass. Dale may be an unsavoury character, but Day is the person to blame.
  13. One less, then one less relegated. And from our division too. So Bolton go too and we are safe. Probably a bit too poor taste for a "We are staying up" chant like. Well, in public.
  14. Quality stuff from the past... https://twitter.com/AwayDays_/status/660512161085693953/photo/1 (shamelessly stolen from other website)
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