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  1. Isn't Gillingham the ace one for this? Covers about a million and a half people in Kent with only London clubs about an hour away at best.
  2. Note with the online ones you need to go through an extra bit of the free local transport bit, point 14 I think it is on that. I've only seen it from the wrong end (could only go in with Bayern fans), but the large home end made the ground move that day.
  3. ...and as i said on the other thread, it was fairly well publicised last year that he is on sixteen thousand a week.
  4. 16k a week. I think they'd have to pay about a million for someone to take him.
  5. Gregan for drink driving or did he get off with that one?
  6. More to the point, crack another win off and I think we are borderline safe.
  7. I could have said: Scored in the Dean Brill save game.
  8. Scored at Exeter in the 1-1 Dean Brill penalty save game didn't he?
  9. Scored a tasty goal as a kid for the 'brough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jml8fotbIE You'd imagine at some point he's going to want to make the step up fairly soon though.
  10. Nah. The silence is better.
  11. It comes from a buffalo's red bits? The world has gone full circle and it is the milk cup again?
  12. David Farrell for Peterborough when they leathered us 4-1. He was so much better than McNiven it actually started to be funny.
  13. Seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened. I may as well pop down to Spennymoor, as it is a tenner, the playoff final and ten minutes from my house...
  14. Darlo refused permission to take part in playoffs due to ground. I think Stockport may still be in with a chance!
  15. The last day ties may be slightly less mouth watering if Darlington are unsuccessful in their appeal against not being able to take part in the playoffs.If that goes, they become two teams wanting to win against two teams (one resting players, the other given up for the season) who largely don't care.