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5 teams you most want to beat next season

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1. Stockport - We can NOT lose to Stockport otherwise I'm made to do a forefit

2. Leeds - how good was it last year? Only last year I had to go to work straight after it and was unable to celebrate

3. Huddersfield - I take pleasure at us beating any team that has had a lot of funding

4. Leicester - always good to be a big club

5. Swindon - their fans on another Football website I used to go on do my head in

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1 leeds

2 leeds

3 leeds

4 leeds

5 leicester


Ive got alot of friends and an uncle who are leeds fans, so beating them is always awesome.


and leicester because i have just moved to this area and leicester is quite local. So not really bothered about anyone else!

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I missed Man City last time, so I would love it, just love it, if we could get them again.


Leeds, because they are dirty.


Tranmere, not because I am obsessed with Ronnie-hating, but because it's just very very funny indeed singing about him being a football genius as we beat them. Again.


Leicester, because I hope to be in the sponsors box with a Leicester fan.


Millwall, L Hughes to score 4 goals and light a cigar in front of them. A real one.


Franchise (home) - in the hope that it contributes to their relegation and eventual ceasing to exist.

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1stockport h&a local derby

2 leeds h&A sheep shaggers

3Walsall h&A and to show ricketts how grap he is

4 tranmere h&a moore knows he isa :censored:

5,huddersfield h&a revenge for knocking us out of cup last season

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Our first five games.


I second that. Recently we have always started slowly. How many times have we been talking at the end of the season, "If we had won the first few games we would have been....... etc."


If we can hit the ground running, we should be in for a huge season.

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Tranmere - I work with a bin dippers fan.


Leeds - have several "mates" who are Leeds ST holders.


Stockport - we would have shame heaped upon us.


Rochdale - we would have even more shame heaped upon us.


MK (franchise) - hate everything they represent and stand for.

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Rochdale - Just can't contemplate not winning this game.

Hartlepool - Need them bragging rights back.

Leeds - It's Leeds.

MK Dons - To hopefully relegate them.

Tranmere - Ronnie/Made up rivalry/To hopefully relegate them.


With the exception of Leeds, not the hardest of teams so could be a good season that way.

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1. Leeds, dirty disgraceful team who were lucky to not be relegated again and tried to play the victim. Bound to be up there too. I'd love it if we beat them - LOVE IT!!

2. Rochdale, I live in Rochdale, 2 minutes from spotland. Used to go to the school opposite the ground so know plenty of dale fans. Losing that game would not be a nice experience.

3. Walsall, winning the last game could be vital.

4. Leicester, bound to be up there.

5. Scunthorpe. Cannot stand their manager. He's an arogant, horrible cheat and I hope he loses his job before we play them.

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1.) Leeds- obvious really

2.) Rochdale- obvious really

3.) Tartlepool - If its not obvious by my location you need to go back and learn some UK geography

4.) Whoever we get in the League cup after Rochdale

5.) Whoever we get in the second round of the FA cup

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