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Oldham commemorative scarf ....

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I know people will think I'm being unneccesarily negative, and this is just my opinion, but that's dull as dishwater. And I'd never wear anything with 'In Dickov We Trust' or any other such nauseating tagline on it.


But I hope we sell thousands of them and make a wad of cash.

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Jenny has done a great job getting a firm to get some scarves made. Even though times are bad not a lot of companies want orders with a short time scale certainly over the Christmas period.


We have made an initial order but people can make a pre-order at the shop on payment. You can then pick them up when they arrive or if you are travelling from the club on the day the shop will be open for you to collect.


Obviously we are working to a tight schedule so order now to be sure of one from the order we have placed. If there is a bigger demand than we expect, we will do our best to accommodate everyone.


Sorry if you don't like the design but again to get the orders underway we had to keep it fairly simple.


I do like the design but more importantly it will be good to see a sea of blue with fans waving above their heads.



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If you don't like it, don't buy it - get yourself a lovely snood instead!


Not a fan of the scarf but the wife's just called and got me a snood…well pleased, missed out last time they were on sale - good speculative marketing that Miss Warburton! :grin:

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