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Picture, 20 years down the line....

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It's been great attending various "Evenings with Joe Royle/Andy Ritchie/Rick Holden etc" but I can't help but feel those who are a few years older than me will appreciate these events more than me. I was at the Rodger Wylde night before Christmas now he played for Latics before I was born even if it was still a fantastic talk with a player who certainly had some stories to tell. But it got me thinking, of the players we've had in recent seasons, which ones will we still be talking about in 20 years time? Who can you imagine filling a pub full of the next generation if Latics fans for an evening?

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Look at the names mentioned in your opening post.


Joe Royle: 22 years at the club

Andy Ritchie: 13 years at the club over his two spells

Rick Holden: 5 years at the club over two spells


Players simply don't stay that long nowadays and the question should be: Who will we remember in twenty years?

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Simon Corney - 20 years from now when he is no longer connected to the latics would make a great interview. Remove the emotion and the need for keeping his opinions and dealings secret that he has to do currently and we could get a real insight into how the club was run and the reasons for many (in our opinion) strange or brave decisions.

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