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Gary Harkins song

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Just because I've had the song stuck in my head for a bit, having seen a very funny mash-up of it on YouTube. I've been replacing the Holiday Inn bit of Rappers' Delight with Gary Harkins. Still trying to work out some good lyrics for the Hotel, Motel bit though.

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(To Hark Now Hear)


Harkins scores

The Chaddy roars

And Gary peels away


And we'll love him

Forever more

Because of comeback day

That song was in my head immediately too.


Long time ago in Boundary Park

So the holy bible say

LJ's boy Gary Harkins

Was born to score each day



Hark now hear the angels sing

A new king born today

That man will live forever more

Because of Comeback day


While LJ watched his flocks by night

Them see a bright new shining star

Them hear the choir sing the music

Seem to come from afar

Now Gary and his team mates come to Boundary Park that night

Them find a place to score a goal

Not a single room was in sight




Trumpets sound and angels sing!

Listen to what they say

And man will life forever more

Because of Gary Harkins!

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Harkins might well :censored: straight back off to St Mirren if any of these are sung.


I might go with him



Please just leave it to the lads in the pub to come up with the songs. The suggestions on here are too cringeworthy to cope with.



Looking forward to the quality offering from yourselves.


Still think both of your efforts are piss poor.... :deal2::grin:

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