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F5 Friday ..........again

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Knowing Whelan he is probably clearing the decks of the big wage earners ready for the anticipated relegation at the end of the season.


Complete stab in the dark - but how about Derbyshire as the out of favour Championship striker?

Isn't Derbyshire on loan at Rotherham

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Perhaps a replacement for James Wilson...

That's what I have read into tidays Chron quotes too. J Wilson out for anything between £150-200k I imagine...


I imagine with Lockwood nearing fitness and Kasunga, Elokobi and Dieng able to play CB Johnson feels the money could sign the much needed striker

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In other transfer news....Wigan seem to be offloading at a massive rate. Whelan getting ready to bail perhaps?


I would imagine it will be due to only 1 more season of parachute payments coming their way and with no chance of making it back to the PL they will have to act accordingly. They will have to budget and could now struggle to get back to the PL.


The kind of wealth that Whelan has was enough to get them up alone in 2005, it wont buy them promotion in 2015, he will stay but they may stagnate for a few years now, and might even end up back down at this level.

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Same Chron that said Corney had resigned?


If it happens it happens, Chron won't know any earlier than us though.

Same Chron that got the first and exclusive interview with Corney, who said he'd had enough.


The fact that Corney saw the story, backtracked slightly with some of his toys back in the pram post Ched deal breakdown tantrum, and got the club to release a statement revising his earlier words... Yep, the Chron's fault.


And no I don't work there :-)

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