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Your best overall League 1 Latics 11

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After so many years in this league who would make your best league one team..


Whittaker or Wellens?

Porter or Andrews?

Tarkowski or Fitz?

Brown or any inanimate object?


Make it a team rather than eleven individuals, pick a manager & go old school with only 2 subs plus a goalie....

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N.Eardley F.Hall C.Hill CArmstrong


A.Liddell R.Wellens J.Sheridan D.Eyres


C.Porter C.Wijnhard



Subs: L.Kelly, J.Baxter, G.Kelly


Manager I Dowie



Not easy at all & done pretty quickly I'm sure I've forgotten loads as we have had some quality over the years

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Hmm. As 11 individuals:


(G) Pogliacomi


(D) Eardley

(D) Gregan

(D) Tarkowski

(D) Lee


(M) Taylor

(M) Wellens

(M) Kilkenny

(M) Eyres


(F) Beckett

(F) Porter


(S) Stephens

(S) Baxter

(S) Crossley


Thanks but not quite to Liddell.


But as a team that has someone out of position at full-back and no real bite in midfield.

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Fitz Hall






















Manager - Sheridan


Attendance 13,500

That defence would get humped without any full backs but I suppose you had to sacrifice something to get Baxter in ;)

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How? The opposition would need the ball to do that and they won't have it much and certainly not in our half.


I've forgotten Tarky too haven't I.....

Baxter will give it them & then we can't win it back :)


It's all about opinions and after reading a few I realised Id not thought of loads of players. Taylor, Stephens, Beckett...


Gregan ffs!

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Im fascinated by how many rate Keiron Lee above Eardley at right back.


Not Lee's natural position which has since been proved elsewhere not as good at defending, less goals although Eardley had a few pens to boost his number plus Eardley had by far the better delivery & more assists......?

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Him and Eyres are the best players we've had in the last 15 years.

Sheridan & Wellens were better....


Stephens was good and went on to do fantastic elsewhere but he certainly isn't the best weve had. Certain aspects of his game were excellent but he was still learning when he was here

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Eardley Gregan Hall Armstrong


Taylor Stephens Sheridan Eyres


Hughes Porter



M. Crossley

K. Lee

J. Tarkowski

C. Hill

J. Baxter

L. Duxbury

C. Wijnhard


Squad Players:

D. Boshell

JY. Mvoto

M. Allott

M. Smith

D. Sheridan

W. Andrews

P. Warne



Imagine the things we could do with this team

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