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Can't believe nobody's done this yet....

Can't believe nobody's done this yet....   

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  1. 1. Jack Byrne or Matt Palmer?

    • Byrne
    • Palmer

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Thought Matt Palmer was an excellent player for us - and the odd occasion I have seen him with Burton - but he is one of those steady, calm, need him in the team type of player with an eye for a good pass.


Byrne is a little more in the ‘get you out of your seat’ box - and I am still trying to recall a more dominant performance by a Latics midfielder than Byrne v Blackburn.


So for pure excitement and entertainment I’d vote Byrne - even though our could argue Palmer is the better player

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26 minutes ago, Lee Sinnott said:

I was a massive fan of Kilkenny, Palmer and Baxter, but Byrne is the best player we've had at this level since Wellens...

Said the same in the pub recently. However Byrne has done it for 6 weeks. Wellens was consistently good over the season and didn't have the attitude we have seen signs of Byrne when things don't go his way.


If Byrne can figure out a way to play now teams are trying to mark him out of the game he could.be a very good player. But he hasn't been with us long enough or done it consistently enough to fill welled boots just yet.


He couldn't have a better gaffer to learn his trade from though 

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