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David Jones signs

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2 minutes ago, HarryBosch said:

Very good player.


Straight in for Missilou?


Not got scoring or making a goal in him though has he? 

Much like McCann...


0-0 will be my bet until January....

A goal every 14 games from midfield - much better than any of our strikers!  Also at a much higher level but that was 4 seasons ago.


Good on the free kick I remember but does he have the legs still?


Testament that the Lemsagam’s vision of hungry, young, combative and talented footballers was absolute bollocks. MoLem needs to be sacked immediately if the output of his great recruitment policy was described as “light in midfield”.  Strike force is shockingly awful too.  Took us back years.


Natalie invited me to chat with her but what’s the point?  Her boss won’t listen and the board are of the opinion that the Chairman’s brother will strengthen our team when the polar opposite has happened.  



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Something must have changed as otherwise how does Dino get away with calling us 'light in midfield'.  The rumour that Marco & Mo want out gathers traction as this is another move to keep us in the football league and will have cost them.

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