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League Tables 07.12.2019


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Premier League

Nine points was the top score by @Benja  [up 2], @JoeP [up 5] and @rosa [up 1 and only missed a 20 pointer by three].  At the top, @oafcmetty has a 16 point lead and @singe drops back into the relegation zone. He didn't help himself by forgetting to post a half time score. It's looking a bit precarious for @nzlatic too.





@BP1960 and @GlossopLatic were top scorers with 9 points, the latter taking over top spot from @Latics and England. The 7 points scored by @pjkent moved him up 5 places to 8th. @yarddog73's failure to post a prediction drops him 3 places into the relegation zone. There were also no predictions from @Latics_Fanatic and @maximus1267




League 1

It looks as though the apathy spreading through Latics supporters has entered the Prediction League as only 9 of the 20 players took part. Of those that did play, @Laticsbiffo did the best with 9 points. Because so few entered a prediction, only two players moved places, @Londonboy and @Macca swapping positions. Everyone else stayed as they were.




League 2

Not a great turn out here, either, as seven players failed to post predictions. Of those that did take part, @CoreyECFC hit the heights with 12 points and has a 23 point lead over @kowenicki'smoustache who racked up 11 points and moves up 7 places into the second automatic promotion slot. @mackin89 could have improved on his 9 points if he'd remembered to post a half time score.



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