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Murdered Hostage was a Latics Fan

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I was gutted when I heard the two hostages had been murdered in Nigeria, but i'm even more gutted that he was a local lad. Puts everything into perspective but I'd hope the lads see this and go out and give everything tomorrow in memory of Chris and dedicate their performance to his mum and dad who have done so much for the younger lads at the club.


RIP Chris, I hope the bastards that did it burn in hell! Thoughts with his friends, family and all that knew him. We've lost one of our own here.



Chris McManus

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Wow. Like others have said, I thought this was awful when I heard about it yesterday, but had no idea he was from Oldham, or a Latics fan (not that makes it more awful, just brings it closer to home).


Just reading the Fishul article, I've realised I met Chris. I used to know a couple of the YTS lads who lodged there in the mid-90s. He parents were the most welcoming, lovliest people you could hope to meet. I hope they get through this horrible time.


RIP Chris.

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Very sad, did not even realise they were captives for 10 months. Surely something should have been done sooner.



Glad the club have offered a minutes silence, hope the lads can honour him more with some goals and three points





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