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Corney on The Rev

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On temporary stand: It's difficult because the land is uneven so it would be more complex than just putting a stand there. However, he'll look into the idea.


On Liverpool's allocation: Due to regulations we need to give them at least the large section of the RRE. With policing restrictions it will mean reduced capacity. So we'll have about 10,000.


On Wabara: Putting as much into resigning him as possible. Have already reminded him about Kieran Lee's move and subsequent exclusion from most first-team football. So a Championship move for Reece isn't always a good thing.


On crowds: Fans have to come in thick and thin, we're a League 1 with a division 2 crowd and he knows that we've not performed well and entertained but we have to persevere to progress. We couldn't survive with the crowd we have without big games and other moneymakers. Catch 22 situation.


Basically sang the praises of the players, even admitted to thinking that 3-0 would be a good score at the end of the first half v Forest.

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Pleased that a temporary stand is being considered £££


All depends on how many it can hold. For safety reasons and the lie of the land it wouldn't be likely to be many. Also, we'd bear 100% of the cost (hiring the stand, policing, stewards, clear up) but only up to 50% or whatever of the income it generates (plus any advertising that could be incorporated), so the capacity would have to be decent to make it categorically cost effective. You'd also need a scaffolder to move the TV shack. Pray that it's on TV and we can forego all that for a nice, secure, flat fee.

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