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Walsall defeat.....Now what?

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Unsure... On balance he's got injuries, new players need to gel.... However, the players knew this was a must not lose game and we've lost 3-1!


I ways keep thinking what this team would do, especially now with my reinforcements, with another manager in place who's more experienced than PD.


Reckon Tuesday is win or the sack and he'll survive another couple of days...delaying inevitable though

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PD gone - Corney won't find defeat acceptable and Yeovil is another loss with them bang in form - he has to act now whilst we are not in the R zone as if we are it will be mentally tough for the players and PD has shown he cannot change it.


So sad as again he has attracted class to the club but if you can't get it to function is it worth it?


So wanted him to do well and succeed with us and for the cup game to be a turning point and will feel like crying when it hapens as he has given it everything and seems like a thoroughly decent bloke.


I think we will all feel a sense of sadness when he goes, unlike everyone being happy and good riddance etc.


Bye Paul and genuinely thanks for trying.


Phil Brown or Billy Davies please Simon

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I reckon gone by tomorrow, I doubt that statement by Corney was for no reason, to prepare himself, the fans and the players for what was to come if defeat was the result today.


Or it could be Tues is his vey last chance and anything other than a win and and a convincing one at that will see Paul sacked

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Started well again today, by all accounts, but ultimately, Latics lose by three goals to one.

I really thought that when Barnard scored, Latics would go on to win the match.


Is this the straw that breaks the camel's (Corney) back, or will the excuse that the new additions need to gel into the team save Dickov for at least one more game? I believe he will get one more chance but I think that he should go now.

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Chairman may have had enough , new players same result .


Or he may give him the two home games as a last chance saloon.


Unfathomable what is wrong with the players .

We are rarely in front these days , never two goals to the good and dead in the water when we trail.


To have beaten Forest & Liverpool and yet not league one team in nine games is the most bizarre period I can recall in my 40 years as a fan.

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